Creativity In Fast Forward

I am loving this time of year when I am still ahead of the game on all fronts. I love feeling like I have all the time in the world to make art and play in the studio. I am on a mission this year to stay ahead of things, to take on less of  the stuff that doesn't matter, and to share as much inspiration with you as possible- even if that means sharing my creativity in fast forward. 

I never worry about having hours to create because I know that is never going to be a reality for me. I have a big family and a busy life outside of the studio but I don't  think that means I have to give up making A R T. I make my minutes count. Minutes. That's all I need. Whether I am working small and getting a lot down or working big and adding layers as I go, I use the few moments I have do what makes me happy- making my
M A R K. 

I think it is important to see A R T for what it is- a freeing of ourselves. I didn't love art when I was always worried about doing what was trendy or trying to make art like the awesome work I was seeing on the world wide web. I had to take a giant step back and remind myself that if I didn't do what made me happy, what I was good at, what mattered to me then I was never going to love A R T.  Don't be afraid to make art work for you. Work on your time, with the tools you enjoy, doing what  Y O U  L O V E. Happy creating!