studio time - exploring alcohol inks

I love alcohol inks and use them all the time in my art journal and when I am creating a painting or mixed media piece. I began to wonder if I could use them to dye ribbon and decided to give it a go. 

First I wet some ribbon and added several drops of different shades of alcohol ink. I have done this technique with a variety of other dyes and with a light touch I am able to get the results I want without creating a lot of mud. I was hoping for the same with the alcohol inks.

Next I added some alcohol blending solution to the ribbon and gently scrunched the ribbon up. The results were not mud, but they were not what I expected either. I lost many of the cool shades of color and ended up with a piece that was mostly warm in tone.

The ribbon dried a few shades lighter in color and remained mostly warm, but a tiny bit on the muddy or grungy side for me. It isn't what I was hoping to achieve but I do like the soft shades and will find a use for this piece in one of my weavings I think. 

What are you exploring in the art supply world right now? Have fun and happy creating!