Art Marks - Days 26-30

I love that this little Art Marks Journal looks and feels so happy. This might be one of the most gratifying challenges I have ever done because I was able to stick with it, keep up and not fall behind. I know that stuff isn't supposed to matter, and it really doesn't, but there is something oddly satisfying about knowing I was able to stay on track. I felt a shift as I created during this challenge. One that tells me I don't  want it to end. 

As much I love being a mark maker, as happy as I am that I was able to find my niche in the world, I am most thrilled with the fact that I am able to share with you all. This simple challenge has taught me that there is so much more to art than the actual color, lines and creativity. Art has the power to connect us all on many levels and all you have to do is take a peek at the #artmarks30daychallenge to see what I mean. In just 30 days, it has blossomed into a large community of people who have been brave enough to share their art and their thoughts on the process. Some of us have been scared to share, me included, and the kind words that have supported and uplifted those fears have proven to me that ART is a very powerful connector of people. 

art marks 28.jpg
art marks 29.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed this exercise in finding your own unique marks. I had so much fun watching you all share your creative work. I think my heart is telling me to keep working at this. Anyone want to do the same? I will keep using the same hashtag and posting whenever I happen to create some happy marks. If you do the same, don't forget to use the hashtag below on Instagram so we can share with and inspire one another. If you missed the live challenge, it is never too late to join in! You can Get all the details HERE. If you didn't already, don't forget to grab  the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below.