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…because who wouldn’t  

There is something wonderful about well loved, well used art tools. I have glued these back together so many times, the heads popping off after soaking too long in water that is too dirty. But these dilapidated brushes and that dirty paint water mean that I am spending time doing something that I love. Creating. I am embracing the importance of doing what I love this year- and that means gluing these brushes back together for a long time to come. 


…because it feels good

It feels so good to get something special in the mail. Something pretty or different or unexpected. A little package or a decorated envelope has the power to brighten a persons day and bring a huge smile to their face. For me, sending someone a bit of a special delivery mail feels just as good as receiving it myself. Just knowing that I will make someone’s day is enough to bring a big smile to my own face, and the postman's as well! 


…because why don’t we

There are so many beautiful and magical moments that happen during the Holidays. Moments that stick with us and touch our hearts to the core. I am wondering why we don’t share in these moments more often during the year? Why do we reserve such important moments for just a few weeks out of the year? Why don’t we just celebrate these moments all the time? I, for one, think we should. 


…because good things are coming

I am spending lots and lots of happy and colorful hours in the studio these days, working hard on a new art book that I will be sharing with you later in the year. I love learning new things along the way about the process and have been blessed to be working with some amazing people too. It is amazing how quickly the time passes when you are busy creating something that you really love. Look for more peeks along the way!

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…because oh I love them so much

I love making marks so much. I have mentioned here before that the whole process of mark making has a calming effect on my soul. Something about the repetition is so soothing. And I love that a few simple, organic marks, applied in a unique way, can convey a person’s style so simply, yet boldly. I will be using this tiny art journal for ART MARKS - 30 DAY CHALLENGE. Want to play along? You can find more details HERE.

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