let photos tell your story in art

I love incorporating photos into my art journal. A great photo really will tell a thousand words. This one, above, marks one of our favorite family trips. I love that I can glimpse it and know just where we were, what we were doing- the happiness that surrounded us all that day. There isn't much need for words when you journal with photos. 

I love to use a single, small photo when I am art journaling. It is the perfect art journaling element while adding the interest of color and texture to your page. Lots of swatches of brightly colored paints, collage papers, marks and doodling make the page around the photo come to life.

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I mentioned last week that I would be traveling this week and I can't wait to add some photographed "words" to my journal when I get home. Enjoy the simple step out list this week on how I created my Photos and Words page.

1. Cut collage papers, like these, into imperfect circles and set them aside.
2. Use a pencil to sketch flowers and stems. 
3. Adhere your collage circles onto your stems.
4. Block paint your background with bright colors.
5. Fill in your sketched flowers with paint.
6. Add lots of marks over your background.
7. Add a photo and doodle the border. Fill border in with words.
8. Add complimentary colored highlights to background colors.
9. Add more marks and journal as desired.
10. Use a flower stencil to add a funky border.

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create! Make sure you check out the awesome art Linda Woods is creating as our Featured Artist! 

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