dyeing ribbon

    Egyptian Red. Buttercup Yellow. Gold. Apricot. Ocean Green. Aqua. Royal Blue. Lavender. Violet. Coral. 

I have been in the mood to dye this lot of Sari Ribbon that I have had in my stash for a few weeks now, so out came the Cushing Dyes. I have collected quite an assortment of colors now and love how I can vary the intensity of each using these dye spoons

There are dozens of great recipes and methods for dyeing fabric and ribbon online, but I keep it very basic. For three yards of Sari, (you could also use silk ribbon ) I boil one cup of water in an enamel pan (I like to use a white pan because it allows me to see the color of the dye bath so well) and add my dye. I use the 1/64 spoon. It looks like such a teeny tiny amount, ( it IS a teeny tiny amount)  that you will be tempted to add more. Don't. You can always go darker later if desired. Once your dye is boiling, drop in your ribbon (I loop it back and forth and few times and wrap the tail around the bunch loosely to keep it from getting tangled while in the dye bath.)

Once my ribbon is in the dye bath I set the timer for 2 minutes. The longer you leave the ribbon in the darker it becomes. For this small amount of silk, two minutes was plenty of time. Once you are happy with the color, add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the bath and stir. I don't time this part, but I typically leave it in the bath about a half a minute longer or so. Using tongs, I scoop it out and let it cool and rest in an enamel baking dish, like this one

I change the water and start over with each new color. Once you get the hang of it, you can start dip dyeing for multi colored strands. When I have all the my dyeing finished, I wash each color in this yummy smelling soap, rinse in cold water and hang to dry. You can also hit each piece with a heat tool or hair dryer, but be careful not to get too close to the ribbon or it will scorch. I prefer to air dry my ribbons. Now you have a beautiful stash of silky ribbons to use for all your mixed media projects. I share another fun and easy way to dye your ribbons as part of this class

Have fun and enjoy!