The Documented Life Project - Week 29

Welcome to week 29 of The Documented Life Project !

July 12 - Make a Wish List. Draw Pictures or Cut Out of a Magazine.

This week I really wanted to list fairy worthy wishes. You know - Like a NEW CAR. But then I started making a list and that "you are so much luckier than most factor" kicked in and I knew what I should really wish for...

...more time at the beach. This is, after all, one of my favorite places to be. Ever. And I would wish for more family fun time. Time that wasn't rushed or scheduled or squeezed in. And I would always wish for more date nights with my guy. He is the best. Truly. And we definitely do not get enough date nights. So I wish for more of those.

Since I wanted to use a separate tip in for each wish, I grabbed a few of my Collection Cards and glued them some of these. On the front I doodled around the edges and filled in with color, adding some white circles for a pop of contrast. On the back I added some paint swatches and doodle marks before attaching my photo.

These cards are bright and colorful and busy. I added some words using old sticker letters I had in my stash and saved my wishes for the reverse side of each card. I don't keep a lot of magazines on hand, and I have't perfected my drawing skills, so I chose to use some tiny photo strip photos. I cut some letters for words out of another set of Collection Cards and took a photo of each to document my wish! 

This week's supplies: Uniball Signo White Gel Pen,  Stabilo Marks All Pencils in Graphite and WhiteInstagram Photo, Washi Tape similar to this oneWhite Gloss PaintTwo sided tape, Collection Card Pack #1 and #2, Becky Higgins 3x4 Grid Cards, Pilot Multiball, Dylusions Inks in Bubblegum Pink, Lemon Zest, Postbox Red and and a UHU glue stick.

Paint colors used behind Collection CardsBlackberry Violet, Candy PinkLavenderDiarylide Yellow,  WhitePyrolle Orange, Van Dyke Brown, and Green Gold.

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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