The Documented Life Project - Week 28

Welcome to week 28 of The Documented Life Project !

July 5 - Add an Instagram or other tiny photo to your page.

This challenge was fun because I LOVE Instagram. Even more than that, I love PRINSTAGRAM because they print the BEST little square photos. They have been on my top ten favorite things list all year! ( and no they do not pay me to say that! ) I used another postcard from my daughter as my tip in for the week, creating a pretty painted background behind it. I loved the verbiage on the postcard, so I chose a photo that went along with it - I know I am imperfect, and still  I AM ENOUGH. (thank you Brené Brown for reminding me!)

Like my take on this week's challenge? Here is how I created it.

1. I adhered my photo to the postcard using two sided tape and then painted some light blue scallops along one edge, adding a single scallop near the bottom of the card.

2. I scribbled some doodled marks around the image using a white pen.

3. I quickly sketched around the entire edge of the postcard and the scalloped areas with a graphite pencil. I also added a little smear of white paint in places along the edges of the card as well, using just my finger.

4. To add some color to the kraft colored background of the card, I added more scallops, this time cutting strips from my favorite art journal paper and then running them through the Xyron to create stickers.

5. I stamped a few arrows near the top and outlined them with a white marks all pencil.

Super easy, super fast. And colorful. I love it! I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see your take on this week's challenge!

This week's supplies: art journal paper similar to one in this pack, hand carved arrow stamp, Uniball Signo White Gel Pen,  Stabilo Marks All Pencils in Graphite and White, Instagram Photo, Washi Tape similar to this one, White Gloss Paint, Two sided tape, and a postcard by this talented guy.

Paint colors used behind postcard: Blackberry Violet, China Blue, Lavender, Diarylide Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Tropical Blue, Lime, White, Pyrolle Orange, and Turquoise.

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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