Featured Blogger on The Creative Studio

I was so honored to be invited to be a featured blogger on The Creative Studio recently. In case you aren't familiar with The Creative Studio - they are part of the amazing brands, Canvas Corp., 7 Gypsies, and Tattered Angels.  

The good people over at Canvas Corp Brands (thank you Marie!!!) sent me a big bag of new goodies and I was able to create anything I chose. I loved that this was a challenge for me. I really wanted the projects to reflect me as an artist. Hop on over to The Creative Studio HERE to read all about both projects! 

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Happy Creating and remember...do what you love and let it reflect who you are as an artist. I think in that we find happiness in our creative worlds. 

art marks - part 2 - days 21 - 25

I can't believe we only have one more week before this challenge once again ends. Today I am sharing five more peeks into my Art Marks Journal  with you and hoping you are having fun. Remember this is not a race. Do what you can, when you can, IF you love it.  I will be sad to see it end but know that something else fun and inspirational will come along! I will be thinking long and hard about what that might be!

So many of you have once again reached out and expressed your new found love of making your mark. You are creating amazing art journal pages and even adding your unique style to paintings, stitch work and more. I love seeing how wide this opens everyones eyes to what we can do with our artistic gifts if only we remind ourselves-  It makes all the difference to love what you are doing so remember that always. 

I hope you are enjoying Part 2 of this exercise in finding your own unique marks. I can't wait to see what you are creating. Don't forget to use the hashtag below on Instagram so we can share with and inspire one another. Want to join in? It is never too late. Get all the details HERE. In case you missed it, you can get the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below. 

four new mini video workshops available now

I am so happy to announce that I have FOUR new mini video workshops available online now through Artist Network TV! And what's even more exciting is that all four are available NOW in DVD format. You can find the DVD's HERE. Be sure to head over HERE to read all the details of each workshop. Each online lesson is available for only $19.99! You can also catch a video preview for each lesson! Here is to making your mark and loving what you do! 


  • Access your videos anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Videos and interactive content designed for a better learning experience
  • Unlimited access. Watch videos at your time and pace

Give your creativity the prompt it needs! In this video workshop, you'll create a helpful, creative reference book of art journaling and mixed media techniques. Based on my popular 15 Minutes of Mixed Media™ series, these four sections of art journaling prompts will encourage you to get to know your art supplies and the many ways you can use them. I will guide you through exercises in color, texture, dimension, and detail, all of which can be used in your art journals or other mixed-media projects!


  • Create art journal page starters in an easy reference book.
  • Experiment with different paint combinations and tools with gelatin plate printing.
  • Learn to make your own stencils.
  • Try 3 types of collage.
  • Use 5 mark-making tools.


Beautiful art is just a layer away! In this video workshop, you'll learn my process for creating abstract art full of fascinating details and bold layers. You'll start by creating a stash of monoprinted collage papers using a gelatin printing plate and upcycled mark marking tools. Then follow along as I guidee you through the painting process, from organic drips of acrylic ink to building layers of paint, collage papers, and texture paste. You'll finish by developing your own organic signature marks using a variety of pens and markers!


  • Create an abstract painting from start to finish.
  • Explore monoprinting with a gelatin plate.
  • Develop your own signature marks.
  • Experiment with paint pens, gel pens, metallic pens, and more.


In this video workshop, you'll learn how to create a completely customizable art journal by deconstructing a hardcover book! Follow along as I guide you through the process of pulling apart a book while leaving the cover intact. You'll personalize the cover with abstract painting, layering, and texture techniques and create a stash of monoprinted papers for the pages inside, perfect for journaling and marking up later. Finally, Rae demonstrates how to create a simple elastic binding that allows you to add or remove pages as often as you want!


  • Deconstruct a hard-bound book.
  • Dye ribbon for a bright, colorful closure.
  • Monoprint using a gelatin plate and upcycled tools.
  • Use stencils, acrylic paint, and texture paste to create an abstract painted cover.
  • Learn a no-stitching-required binding technique.


Jump right into your art with mu quick and easy background techniques! In this video workshop, I share my clever strategies for putting down three wildly different paint colors with just one brush--no brush cleaning required! After creating a series of these foundations, you'll embark on a layering process full of fun and easy-to-follow techniques, including stamping, using custom stickers (made with your own artwork!), and stenciling for interest and texture. I demonstrate how to use masking fluid and acrylic paint to create areas of highlight, shadow, and resist, and finally I show you how to bring the pieces together by creating focal points and adding your own signature marks!


  • Create 2 small abstract paintings from start to finish.
  • Learn to paint colorful, no-mud backgrounds using a unique blending technique.
  • Develop focal points from abstract marks.
  • Experiment with a variety of mark-making tools, including paint pens and markers.


I hope you will join me in one or more of these mini online workshops - come create alongside of me! 

5 things - my week at a glance


…because look at this view

I was fortunate enough recently to feast my eyes on this view. My sweet friend Sandi Keene extended a warm welcome for me to join her at her mountain retreat and I was rewarded with this breathtaking landscape. In a few short days I enjoyed a dusting of snow, an up close encounter with a red fox, one amazing meal after another and even some one on one art time with Sandi. It was much needed down time and just so so lovely. 


…because we did it all   

I already mentioned that Sandi and I crammed much into our few short days away from home as we enjoyed the fresh air and beauty of the changing seasons farther north. But what I didn’t mention was all the laughter. We laughed long and hard each day of our trip and it was the re-boot that I truly needed before returning home to more deadlines and to-do lists. There is nothing quite like a pal to make you realize all the hard stuff is worth it.


…because I love it so   

There was a time when I would have denied enjoying working big. I used to stay well within the comfort zone of my small and reliable journal pages. But no longer. I am learning to enjoy the freedom of a large canvas and the opportunity it offers me to change things up a little bit. I think it is interesting that no matter how much I love a canvas as I am working on it, it rarely stays that way. I can't wait to share more about working big in my upcoming book!  


…because of this guy   

There is always so much to do around here. Every single one of us is so busy and as a collective whole our large family is quite chaotic in all the directions we find ourselves going each day. So a day out alone with the amazing guy makes my heart swell. He is kind and generous and honest to a fault. He is brave and the hardest working person I have ever known. He would do absolutely anything for us and I couldn’t love him more. So, noting his shirt- it is I that am lucky.


…because she loves to hide   

She is of the mind that hide and seek means she hides and then proceeds to make all sorts of hilarious hoots and howls to let me know where she has stashed herself. I love it. She will play this game over and over again, hours if I would engage her that long. She rarely chooses a new spot and thinks that being in full on costume while we play is the best thing since sliced bread. I happen to think that SHE is the best thing since sliced bread myself. 

art marks - part 2 - days 16 - 20

I am so excited to be sharing some more peeks into my Art Marks Journal  with you again today! I hope you are continuing to have fun, find inspiration and most importantly - I hope you are doing what you love. Thank you for all of the kind words and the amazing sharing! You are all rocking this challenge!

Have you landed on a favorite prompt yet this go around? I always find myself gravitating toward one or two. It feels good when a word resonates with you and you find yourself creating freely and without much thought or hesitation. And for me, working with a timer ticking presents an extra challenge...but at least I am getting it done! So far I think my favorite prompt has been SKETCHED. How about you? 

I hope you are enjoying Part 2 of this exercise in finding your own unique marks. I can't wait to see what you are creating. Don't forget to use the hashtag below on Instagram so we can share with and inspire one another. Want to join in? It is never too late. Get all the details HERE. In case you missed it, you can get the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below. 

black & white doodled notebook

I love to take something plain and make it into something that is more reflective of who I am and what I love. When I discovered this plain jane notebook the other day I just had to get out my mark makers and go to town. I haven't decided if I will go back and add any color to this cover. For now I am loving the simple black and white doodles. Make your own in just three simple steps.

notebook . tul pen . white china marker .
1.3 mm pencil . acrylic ink . tiny paintbrush

If I used something from my studio stash I tried to link to a similar product. Have fun turning something plain into something more you this week. Happy Creating!

art marks - part 2 - days 11 - 15

Today I am sharing a few peeks at week 3 in my Art Marks Journal . I hope you are all enjoying the process of discovering your own unique style in art journaling. I know that making marks can seem like a simple and basic task but it affords us the opportunity to find ourselves in our work as we create. Please keep sharing your lovely photos with us all on social media. I look forward to the eye candy and honestly do my best to comment on all of them. Please forgive me if one or two fall through the cracks. I promise it is not intentional! Have fun this week!

As a mark making artist I love being able to read a prompt and not worry about forcing the term to appear on my page in any one certain way. Some days it will seem bold and out there while others, as I have noted in the past, will be mere peeks or inferences as to what the prompt might be. Still other days the prompt will lead me to discover something entirely different and it won't appear anywhere in visible sight. I love that. 

I hope you are enjoying Part 2 of this exercise in finding your own unique marks. I can't wait to see what you are creating. Don't forget to use the hashtag below on Instagram so we can share with and inspire one another. Want to join in? It is never too late. Get all the details HERE. In case you missed it, you can get the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below.