In this workshop  we will be exploring the concept of pareidolia- " the imagined perception of a pattern or imagery where it does not actually exist". Creating outside the bounds and teaching yourself to forage for inspiration makes this an exciting art journaling experience. Thirty-five videos and almost six hours of easy to follow instruction are jam packed into this one amazing workshop. 

Discovering the unexpected beauty in art helps define your own personal art style. While you explore this new approach to your artwork we will talk about the benefits of foraging for inspiration while taking mini "discovery" field trips. You will learn  new techniques and use your favorite tools to create an amazing art journal that you can "rebuild" over and over again. 

You will create pretty, one of a kind signature folios, and fill them with your favorite creative papers. Easily alterable and always interchangeable, this art journal allows you to use a limitless assortment of art journaling papers. You will also create a beautiful, removable pocket that pops with all of it's bright color, bold marks and interesting stitching.

Filled with a variety of fun and colorful elements you will learn how to create faux feathers, pretty removable tassels, a simple pen or paintbrush holder, and some new funky and non-traditional hand stitches. 

Once learned, the techniques in this workshop will allow you to take your art journal to the next level. You will be able to build and alter the interchangeable components making it easy to switch from mixed media, to watercolor to planning to sketching in a matter of minutes. 

Get ready to construct the perfect art journal for everyone who loves to create in more than one medium.