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So many of you stop by each day to read, find creative inspiration and share in my art filled journey. I love the huge variety of questions I get asked and thought it might be fun to start answering some of the "most asked" queries here.


 Is there something you have been wanting to learn? Are you wondering what that tool is I use over and over again? Need an opinion on a new paint color before you hit the stores? Join me here in the studio each week and let's chat!  Leave me a comment here or email me using the contact form above and I will gladly add your question to mix! 

1. Do you have recommendations for "just starting out supplies?"

I always hesitate to tell people what to purchase when it comes to art supplies because we all wind up liking different things for different reasons, but I can tell you that I am not afraid to use very budget friendly supplies. I started out that way in the art world and for the most part that has not changed. I do also use some more costly art supplies, but that came way later for me. When I first started out (and even now still) I pick up paper and brushes and even paint at my local big box stores and online. I like this paper and this printing plate for everyday mono printing and collage paper to use in my Art Marks™ and Pocket Journals™. I love these brushes for their soft heads and have bought them over and over again. This is a great and affordable paint collection that I started out using and still love. I only used this paper and this paint set when I first began making art marks with watercolor. Later, when you discover what it is you love about mixed media you can begin to explore higher end items and begin to add those to your collections as well- like this paint and this ink

2.  Do you ever take time off from creating?

Yes! And I am actually in the throws of that right now. I had so many big, big projects in 2017 that I am ready for a little hiatus. Does that mean I won't make art? Not at all. But it does mean that I will be spending lots of time off grid creating freely as the inspiration strikes me. This is how some of my favorite projects have been brought to life. Plus, having down time, where we create or don't create is what our artistic minds need to reboot. I will typically still create in my journal on a daily basis, but I will do much more out of the studio rather than in, like reading and theme parks and traveling and taking photos. We all need this down time. I believe it is super important to the creative process. 

3.  What are some of the most recent workshops that you teach online?
    * I keep getting asked this question so I thought it beared repeating*

Scribblepedia™ which will launch in October on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network is my most recent online workshop that is available. Early registration has already begun (you can read more and register here if you are interested) but you still have plenty of time to sign up if you are interested. I also recently co-taught in this little Pocket Journals™ workshop  with Sandi Keene, one of my co-artists from The Documented Life Project- The UNplanner™ . You can access both of those classes as well as several others online here and here

monoprints & homemade stamps

I love recycling and repurposing anything I can so when I watched a video recently created by Birgit Koopsen it inspired me to dig out these old handmade foam stamps. I made them many moons ago using sticky backed foam and recycled bits and baubles from around the studio like- mini chalkboard signs and old CD and DVD packaging dividers. 

I just cut the sticky back foam into assorted sizes and shapes and then stuck the pieces onto the recycled mounting plates. I love how well the foam stamps and how easy they are to use with the Gelli Plate®. 

Isn't this faux plaid just the sweetest? And how about these pretty paper doilies? I can't wait to stitch these onto a art journal page or card for someone. 

Be sure to check out Brigit's Instagram feed too-@birgitkoopsen . She is really amazing and super talented! 

Art Marks™ Summer Challenge - Days 26-30

Wait until you see my  Pocket Journal™  now that is has thirty days of colorful Art Marks™ challenges filling it's pages! I will be sharing a flip through soon so stay tuned for a new post coming soon with that video!

journal peeks .jpg

Thank you all for sharing so many lovely photos of your Art Marks™ with me the last 30 days. I have so enjoyed all the colorful inspiration. Please feel free to keep creating and I will do the same. I hope to host another challenge in the future so stayed tuned for more to come later this year. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT MAKING YOUR OWN POCKET JOURNAL™

prompt title.jpg
prompt title.jpg
let's keep sharing.jpg

I had so much fun with this challenge and hope that you did too. I hope that you found inspiration, community and love or your own marks. I can't wait to see what comes next and remember-  If you missed the live challenge, it is never too late to join in! You can Get all the details HERE. If you didn't already, don't forget to grab  the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below. 

homemade washi tape

I so enjoyed watching my recent guest artist, Karen Gaunt, create her own homemade washi tape. I was inspired to try the technique myself and had so much fun giving it a whirl. 

I broke out the acrylic paints, my favorite Art Marks™ Stencils and my Gelli Plate®. So easy and so fun too. If you missed the guest post you can watch Karen's video here

Have fun with this and stay tuned for more artsy tutorials by guest artists coming soon. 

Art Marks™ Summer Challenge - Days 21-25

I am so overwhelmed by how many yummy  Pocket Journal™  photos I am seeing out there! They are all so adorable and filled with color and marks. I love it! 

journal peeks .jpg

I can't believe that so many of you have joined me in this Summer challenge. I am so grateful that you are all here peeking at what I accomplished in the thirty days.  I love that you continue to share with the artist community. Because of time constraints I just can't comment on them all, but I sure am enjoying each and every photo that I see! 

prompt title.jpg
prompt title.jpg
let's keep sharing.jpg

I hope you all are enjoying this exercise in finding your own unique marks. Let's continue to share with and inspire one another on social media...and if you are lucky to have an art pal near you create alongside of them for extra fun! If you missed the live challenge, it is never too late to join in! You can Get all the details HERE. If you didn't already, don't forget to grab  the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below. 

Making Marks with Urban Textures

I am loving how the layers look when I grab my new Urban Textures™ Stencils and get out my Gelli Plate©. I will be adding these to my ring of favorite "go-to" Art Marks™ stencils for sure. Want to get your hands on one or all of these? Grab some in my shop or over at StencilGirl .

Have fun and happy Mark Making! 

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last day for early bird pricing on scribblepedia

***Final 24 hours to get the early registration of $28 for Scribblepedia***

The price will go to $48 at 10am MST on 9/3/2017

"I am so thrilled to announce that Rae Missigman is coming to our creative network for the very first time and she has created a gorgeous course just for us! Scribblepedia |Text Marks In Art " ...Jeanne Oliver

I am happy to be sharing a new workshop with you on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network called Scribblepedia! Early registration ends tonight! Interested in reading more? Hop over now to see a sneak peek video.  Scribblepedia will begin October 2, 2017 and I will be sharing more details and some sneak peeks as we get closer to the launch date so check back often.

In this workshop we will explore text based mark-making with its power to transform color and layers into deeply personal mixed media art. Define your creative art story letter by letter with text based mark making. Join me, author, artist and mark maker, as I guides you through the process of adding words, text and letters to deepen the impact of your mixed media pieces while interjecting them with your personal style. Create inspirational reference projects to quickly jump start your pieces and paint a colorful multilayered mixed media canvas where you leave a personal set of marks that define your work as uniquely yours. We will delve step by step into the process of layering, defining and marking in the wildly colorful style I have made so popular.

Thinking of signing up? I would love to have you create alongside of me. Here are a few helpful notes to help get you started...

1. Register at (this is free).
2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.
3. Go to and along the top header click on “COURSES” and you will be able to view all three pages of online courses and free series.
4. To purchase a course please choose your course, click on the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be INSTANTLY in the classroom.
5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.
6. All of our courses are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience. The best part is that you have lifetime* access on all new purchases! Pretty awesome if you ask me.
*As long as we manage the creative network