THREE THINGS- my week at a glance

I love sharing little peeks of my weeks here with you all. In the beginning it was a hard post to share. It felt too personal on my end and I worried it would be less than interesting on your end. Over the last year I have learned that so many of my readers love this post and so it makes my heart happy to share. With that said,  I am not going to lie- my life is crazy busy. So rather than give up on this post that I have grown fond of both writing and sharing I decided (with some urging from a pal) to just make it easier to give you a peek into my weeks. I am going to take five- five minutes for myself each evening to really think about my day, the ups the downs, the ins and outs. Then, as the week allows I will share three of my favorite moments. This way, even on those days I am running around here like a manic chicken feeling harried and overwhelmed I can find time to share just a few of those glimpses into my week. I think the choice is simple- share what you love,  even if it is a rat race.  I choose to run in this race  and I love it. No matter how hectic it gets, all these little moments are near and dear to my heart. So thanks for letting me continue to share.

1.marking today

...because she's a mark maker too

Who knew she would be a lover of marks like I am? With no prodding from me she has found her own unique way of creating and it amazes me to no end that she would choose to make marks. Lots of tiny circles and x's are always a big part of  her work and those are both so near and dear to my own heart. I swoon.  

2.printing today

...because I just can't stop

Every. Single. Time. I can't take out my printing plate without letting the prints take over the entire studio. I think I am done for a few moments and then they dry and I find myself reaching to add yet another layer of printing to each already colorful page.  I think it is a very therapeutic hobby for sure and so I print, print, print. 

3.watching today

...because it's storm season

I love seeing the sky in the afternoons before it rains. During this season the skies build all morning long until suddenly you are looking at this ombre canvas like no other. It is especially striking out here on my hubby's job site where the landscape is so simple and bare. I could watch these skies roll in all day.