five things - my week at a glance

1.inking today

...because color love

I love all the color I get when I experiment with these spray inks. Because they are water soluble I often times end up with such unexpected results- especially if I am just playing and ignoring the rules. Yes I make mud sometimes, but that is ok! I love the experiment!

2.loving today

...because it matters

Yes I love them. But you know what I love about this photo most? The love that they have for one another is not hidden behind the fears of what others think. They love enough to show it and they love enough to light up the world with those smiles. What a love they have these two have and it's amazing!

3.picking today

...because it's time

I love it when the commercial fields around my home throw open their doors to us berry lovers and let us roam free with a bucket in hand. I can't get enough of this primitive task and enjoy it so much that it makes me wonder. I think I really was born into the wrong era...and I wish I had a farm!

4.stencils today

...because they rock

Stencils are a mark makers best friend. I love pushing these simple and powerful mixed media art tools to the brink and finding out what they can really do. The idea that one simple thing can be interpreted so many different ways is amazing. Seeing what you all create with mine never ceases to surprise me!

5.watching today

...because he is it

There are days that I feel like a broken record on so many levels. Not always good mind you. But on this one note I am beyond sure that it is worth repeating. This guy is it. He is the rock that holds this wild and crazy family together and keeps us all smiling even when we want to cry!