putting the ME back in mixed media

When Dina Wakley's team asked me to participate alongside of her in this new challenge it was an easy decision. Putting the ME back in mixed media is something that is near and dear to my heart. I think it is wildly important that we create for ourselves, that we work harder at creating with US in mind and worry less about what the rest of the world thinks of our art. 

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A deep love for creating has always lived within me. I have been "making stuff" for as long as I can remember. What really drives me though is this powerful feeling of calm that I get when I sit on my stool and just put brush to paper. Playful art is always more productive for me. I worry less, I work freely, I let go completely and just paint or make my mark. So much good comes out of just being true to yourself in art. 

This mixed media piece exemplifies a big part of what makes my art all about ME. I am a maker of marks. I have lots of signature marks that I use over and over again to create pieces that are busy and fun and all about mark making. I have five long time favorites that are available as a stencil bundle now! Yahoo! I keep all five of them strung together and just flip one back to use it - perfect for getting lots of mark making layers down quickly and easily- another thing that makes my art more ME. I work in small bursts of time and being able to create lots of texture and dimension quickly is important to me - these stencils make that happen

The bottom line is I make art because it makes me happy. I do it for ME first. I am fortunate that so many others share in my love of creating and have been following me on my journey the past few years. My one word of advice is this- when it comes to art, DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO! I would like to send out a big thank you to Dina and her team at Ranger Ink for letting me playing along in this fun and creative challenge. Be sure to check out the hashtag below to see what others are creating too!