ask Rae


So many of you stop by each day to read, find creative inspiration and share in my art filled journey. I love the huge variety of questions I get asked and thought it might be fun to start answering some of the "most asked" queries here.


 Is there something you have been wanting to learn? Are you wondering what that tool is I use over and over again? Need an opinion on a new paint color before you hit the stores? Join me here in the studio each week and let's chat!  Leave me a comment here or email me using the contact form above and I will gladly add your question to mix! 

1. Would you ever consider traveling to teach?

I would love to travel and teach more often in the future. Being based out of Florida really puts me at a disadvantage for getting to more of the states quickly, but I would love the adventure and community of new people that would come with the experience of traveling to teach. I have some tentative plans to get overseas next year even and am really hoping that works out as I have so many online "friends and co-artists" that I would love to meet and create alongside of in the future. 

2.  What big projects are you working on right now?

I am currently working on writing a mixed media art book. It has been a roller coaster of an experience and I have learned so so much along the way including how to manage the ups and downs of creating over a long period of time, not always having full creative control over everything, and learning all the new lingo and skills that come with writing a book. I can't wait to share more about this fun and exciting project soon.

3.  Do you have any new classes coming up?

I actually have a new workshop titled Scribblepedia™ coming out in October on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network. Early registration has already begun (you can read more and register here if you are interested). I hope to have several new workshops ready to share later this year and into the New Year, fingers crossed. (In case you missed it - I recently co-taught in this little Pocket Journals™ workshop and you can still access it online today!)