Staying inspired can be tricky

We all have our own routine, our own way of doing things that keeps us productive and creative and inspired even. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the bigger picture that we lose sight of who we are, what we are doing, and where we want to go as an artist. I used to be so worried all the time about how I would keep up, how I would get better, smarter, more creative, that I would spend hours perusing the internet looking for that special tidbit of inspiration. 

Then one day I realized that I was wasting all my time looking for who I wanted to be as an artist instead of experimenting with you I was as an artist. So I gave it up. Almost entirely. Two years later I still limit myself to what I see and do via the world wide web in terms of inspiration. I stopped making hour long daily visits to Pinterest, I unsubscribed from dozens of blogs and instead follow my favorite people on Instagram where I get snippets of updates instead of tons of information. I had to let go of what everyone else was doing and just focus on what I wanted to do. I needed to trust myself to be the artist I wanted to be. 

So I just started observing. From afar. I stay off the internet almost entirely and instead take walks, visit museums, photograph things and look through old art journals. I am sure subconsciously I am absorbing creative inspiration as we all do, my brain sifting through all the beauty and color and ideas. But what I don't do is take notes. I don't book mark, pin or screen shot anything. I don't write things down or make lists or document the inspiration in any way. In this way I feel safe. Safe from infringing on someone else's creative ideas. Down the road if my brain remembers a snippet then hopefully it will be rendered into something more my own style, something unique and artistic in my own way.

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I am free to be the artist I want to be now. And yes! Yes, yes, yes... there are many days that I wonder what the hek it is I am doing. I wonder what I have to offer and if my art is good enough. Of course I wonder, I am human. But I am free to love what I do now too. If mark making is what makes my heart sing then I will make marks. If someone loves it down the road so be it, if not, then that is okay too. I am focusing less on making others happy and more on what makes me happy. I feel like this is why I find creative inspiration without googling or pinning or whatever else it is we do to feel like we have a place in the creative world. 

My best advice, and by that I mean what I am doing is this- make art. Do what you love. Trust yourself. Create art that makes you feel good, no matter what that might look like and above all - enjoy where that takes you! Happy Creating my friends!