printing on tissue paper

Printing on tissue paper is a simple trick for getting great photo transfers. Most quality transfers require you to use a laser printer, something we don't all have at the ready in our home office or studio. This technique allows you to use an inkjet printer making it a much better option for getting colorful transfers to use in your art projects. And the good news is you don't even need an expensive printer. I create all my tissue paper transfers using a printer that is very similar to this super cheap model! (*note: My printer is a HP Deskjet 2542 - it was $29 at Walmart about five years ago!)

Look at how lovely the color and image transfers to the tissue paper. And yet, it is sheer and will allow you to see the layers below once adhered to the page or canvas.

You can see the warm colors of the mono print that was part of the journal page peeking through now that the image has been adhered to the page using gel medium. And the colors are super bright. Look at them compared to my ART SCRAPER TOOL - pretty awesome! 

Have fun with this tutorial! I am hooked on making these now and have a little stash going so that I can add pops of color and texture into my art journal when I am creating on the go! Happy Creating!