five things - my week at a glance

1. thankful


...because this guy is amazing.

After a long day at work he will come home cheerful and loving. When he offered to create an oversize loom for me- something I have been wanting for a long time I was so happy.  He is kind and generous and always thinking of others before himself. His talents never cease to surprise me! 

2. sketching today


...because I am forever practicing

I continue to struggle with the "fine art" of sketching but have long since learned to embrace the quirkiness that is my style. When it comes to practice I know that no matter how many times I focus on an object I can count on it looking less than perfect, but perfectly me. 

3. filming


... because Wanderlust begins soon

I am so excited to share this fun and colorful lesson with you all. There is so much inspiration to be had in the simple things that surround us and I am going to walk you through how I take something ordinary and create something beautiful. Get ready to create.

4. blogging

...because I love sharing creativity

When Maria over at Canvas Corp Brands asked me to use some of their cool new products to create a few projects for a guest post I happily agreed. I love a challenge and working with new supplies helps me to stretch my creative muscles. You can read about it HERE.

5. celebrating

...because my baby is sweet & 16

Happy Birthday to this girl! I know it is just a simple phenomenon of the mind but I find it almost unbelievable that it seems like just yesterday when she was just a 4 pound peanut. She is smart and funny and wickedly talented on the violin and I couldn't love her more.