a new mixed media kit

I'm celebrating the release of my new mixed media art DVDS

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art kit

4 Art Lessons
3 Stencils
8 Clear Stamps

"Celebrate your personal brand of mark making through works of collage, art journaling and abstract art!

Just as each of our hands is unique, so are the marks we make with them and the tools that act as their extensions. In this highly explorative collection, Rae Missigman will guide you through luscious layers of painting, stamping, printmaking, stitching and more as you try out 35+ techniques!

Each of four new DVDs and four popular Art Lessons will provide you with easy-to-follow instruction that allows you learn new skills while playing freely in your own way. You'll discover surprising ways to use your art supplies, new ways of building textural layers and new ways to add your personal mark to everything you create. In addition, three quality stencils and eight clear stamps leave you with no excuse to begin creating beautiful and graphic works right away.

Learn more about the contents of this kit:

Art Journaling Exercises: 15 Creative Prompts
Art journaling prompts to encourage you to get to know your art supplies!

  • 20 art journal page starters
  • Instruction for making stencils, printmaking with a gelatin plate, techniques for collage, mark-making and more

Building Beautiful Layers: 10 Abstract Painting Techniques
Inspiration and techniques for creating bold, multi-layered works of abstract art

  • Techniques for combining paint, collage papers, texture paste, acrylic inks, pens and other mixed-media favorites
  • Develop your personal signature marks

Deconstructed Art Journal: Techniques for Making a Custom Book
Create a personalized art journal whose elastic bungee binding allows you to add or subtract pages at will.

  • Deconstruct a hard-bound book, dye ribbon for a decorative closure, monoprint pages for the interior and use stencils, acrylic paint and texture paste to create an abstract painted cover
  • Learn a no-stitching- binding technique

One Brush Wonder: Foundations for Mixed Media Layers
Discover a dynamic technique for using one brush to paint backgrounds with three paint colors, without cleaning your brush! Includes techniques for layering over the backgrounds with stamping, masking fluid, stenciling, creating focal points and adding your own signature marks!

  • Create 2 small abstract paintings from start to finish
  • Learn to paint colorful, no-mud backgrounds using a unique blending technique

Art Lessons 2016: Volume 3 with Rae Missigman
Faux Plaster Collage
Downloadable PDF
Learn a new way to add depth and interest to your collage work using Rae Missigman's fun and brilliant techniques for creating faux plaster.

Art Lessons 2016: Volume 4 with Rae Missigman
Journals with Texture
Downloadable PDF
With the help of a simple stitched binding technique, turn a favorite piece of art or a cherished photo into a colorful and textural journal cover.

Art Lessons 2016: Volume 5 with Rae Missigman
Recycled and Re-Inked
Downloadable PDF
Discover surprising ways Shout® Color Catcher® sheets can add a pop of color and lots of texture to your art journal.

Art Lessons 2016: Volume 6 with Rae Missigman
Nature's Stamps
Downloadable PDF
Drawing from the inspiration of nature, learn how to use the end of a branch to create unique patterns and a feather to make one-of-a-kind marks.

Boxy Blooms Stamp Set
A fun mix of clear stamps (8 total) based on original floral drawings from Rae Missigman, perfect for art journaling, planners, card making and more. Each 4" x 6" set comes mounted between two acetate sheets.

StencilGirl Stencils
Set of three durable mylar stencils based on Rae Missigman's Sea Harbor stencil series, these simple designs add graphic visual texture to your layered paintings. 
This set includes: Bittersweet (6" x 6"), Sea of Skiffs (4" x 4") and Boundaries (4" x 4").

Order your kit today while supplies last!"