my simple pottery


Last Summer I was lucky enough to work with a teacher at my son's high school and she let me play around with her pottery wheel and create a few pieces. It was so very awesome and I am chomping at the bit to find somewhere that I can go to make more! This Summer I was able to go back to the school and glaze my pieces.

I really wanted them to be pretty and perfect but in reality it was my first time and they were "perfectly imperfect". I thought about adding bright colors and dressing them up that way, but then I decided to just do what I do best and explore the tools that were in front of me.

I chose to experiment. I tested the bounds of the glaze and began mixing colors, I tried adding in a resist effect using a wax crayon,  I explored paint like spattering techniques and I did what I do best- I made my art marks.  It was so much fun and while my pieces are far from glamorous or even what I wanted them to be, it feels so so cool to have thrown the clay onto the wheel and have made them with my own hands. I am grateful for the adventure and am checking it off of my bucket list. I am embracing the quirky shapes and colors of something that was created with my own hands. I am admiring those amazing artists  that make this look simple, their dedication to their craft is a true and admirable one that I am learning to appreciate with a newfound awe. I am in love with this primitive craft.

pottery 1.jpg

I can't wait to try this again someday. For now, I will fill my primitive like bowls with all sorts of pretty art fodder! Happy Creating to you all!