five things - my week at a glance


…because I love mark making  

I love making marks so much. I guess I never realized just how much the repetition and the counting and the process of filling spaces with similar marks really lights me up inside. I am so honored and thrilled that so many of you enjoyed the first round of my ART MARKS 30 DAY CHALLENGE and so hope you will be joining me this go around too. You can read more about the free challenge here.


…because I am playing  

I don’t usually paint figures or even simple objects very often but lately I have been playing around a little bit with some basic shapes. Cacti are all the rage right now and I just love them. I thought I would try my hand at putting one on paper and found that the more I experimented and layered the more I was having fun. For this one I mixed oil pastels and acrylics. I love it- even if this one cactus did take me about an hour to create. 


…because he’s got this   

I can’t believe this is where all of my son’s hard work and dedication will land him. He has been on a personal mission to see his way onto an accelerated path to medicine and academics and he has done it. Three big academic offers, but Fall of 2017 will find him exploring the grounds of Georgetown University in great depth. He will be pursuing a bio-chemistry major with math and philosophy minors on a pre-med track. I know him well. He will do great great things this kid of mine. 


…because why not today   

I used to think that I needed hours to sit down and paint something. I used to think that the days that only allowed me a few moments of creative time meant I had to scribble in my journal or sketch something quickly from a photo. But I am learning that I can create in layers by working in small bits each time I am afforded even a few short minutes in the studio. I love putting brush to canvas or paper and seeing what emerges each day, layers building beautiful surprises. 


…because these are amazing  

Museums are all amazing to me. Art, history, all of it. I never limit myself, when visiting a museum, new or old, to viewing only the art that interests me. I have learned along the way that there is so much art out there, that while not quite my taste, is certainly masterful and intriguing in it’s study of color and texture and lines. This piece was from an exhibit in the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. So very much to see here and worth every hour spent wandering the floors.