art marks - part 2 - days 26 - 30

So wow! Where did the time go this month? It does not feel like we have been challenging ourselves to make a mark that speaks to who we are for 30 days now! Here are the last few peeks at  my Art Marks Journal. I hope you have had lots of fun and have realized a bit about yourself as a maker of marks and what it is that makes you happy when you are creating. You have a unique style all your own and I bet it has emerged ever so amazingly as we have created alongside of one another this month. 

As a mark maker and artist I never tire of the repetitive act of just making marks. It is not for everyone and you have probably discovered by now that not all mark making has to be in just such a form. If you take nothing else away from this challenge, take this - do what you love. If that means making marks, then make them. If that means something else do that. You and only you can know what makes your heart sing. I hope you continue to be creative and happy in doing it along the way. 

I hope you have enjoyed Part 2 of  ART MARKS - A 30 DAY CHALLENGE. I have loved all of the creative artwork that you have shared this past month, and I appreciate all of the heartfelt notes, cards, emails and messages along the way. You have truly touched my heart in a special way. Don't forget to continue to use the hashtag below on Instagram as you explore your own unique style when creating. Missed out on the challenge?  Want to join in? It is never too late. Get all the details HERE. You can get the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below.  Happy creating!