art marks - part 2 - days 11 - 15

Today I am sharing a few peeks at week 3 in my Art Marks Journal . I hope you are all enjoying the process of discovering your own unique style in art journaling. I know that making marks can seem like a simple and basic task but it affords us the opportunity to find ourselves in our work as we create. Please keep sharing your lovely photos with us all on social media. I look forward to the eye candy and honestly do my best to comment on all of them. Please forgive me if one or two fall through the cracks. I promise it is not intentional! Have fun this week!

As a mark making artist I love being able to read a prompt and not worry about forcing the term to appear on my page in any one certain way. Some days it will seem bold and out there while others, as I have noted in the past, will be mere peeks or inferences as to what the prompt might be. Still other days the prompt will lead me to discover something entirely different and it won't appear anywhere in visible sight. I love that. 

I hope you are enjoying Part 2 of this exercise in finding your own unique marks. I can't wait to see what you are creating. Don't forget to use the hashtag below on Instagram so we can share with and inspire one another. Want to join in? It is never too late. Get all the details HERE. In case you missed it, you can get the free downloadable prompt list by clicking the button below.