interview with Nat Kalbach

Last year I was asked to contribute some artwork and a few words to Nat's upcoming book ARTFUL ADVENTURES IN MIXED MEDIA, which is due to be released later this Summer. I was honored and thrilled to join in on the fun as Nat is an amazing and talented artist. Although we had chatted many times online via email and Skype it wasn't until January of this year that we were to meet for the first time at Creativation in Phoenix, Arizona. I loved her immediately and found her to be warm and funny and so easy to talk too, so when she asked me to do an short interview for her upcoming publication I said yes. 

Join us as we chat about : mark making, not being 6 feet tall, the bad way I free motion stitch, finding inspiration around me and maybe even a note or two on being an elf! 

I am so much more comfortable behind the scenes. Being on camera is not my favorite place to be and this year has forced me to step out of my comfort zone a bit and engage face to face on numerous occasions. It is still a little scary for me. I feel like a deer in the headlights and yes it shows. But it is who I am. And having Nat as a host made the experience a super fun one. I so appreciate her kind words about letting go and just doing it. Have a peek yourself here and don't forget to check out Nat's amazing book ARTFUL ADVENTURES IN MIXED MEDIA which is on pre-sale now on Amazon. 

A big happy thank you to Nat for allowing me to join her in ARTFUL ADVENTURES!