studio time - exploring watercolors

So I picked up this really budget friendly set of watercolors at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C. last week. I am not going to lie- I had to buy them because they were so cute. I didn't really count on them being top notch watercolors at under $10 but I had to give them a go. 

The biggest surprise was that there were 18 colors in this little stacking palette. Three layers of 6 colors each. You simply twist each layer as if it were a lid to tighten or loosen and pull them apart. I loved how compact the entire set was when put together. And a bonus for me was that a few of the paint hues were actually quite different than what you would normally find in a less expensive set of watercolors.

I was pretty impressed with the intense color that I was able to get out of these little paints. And while they did dry chalkier than I like, but just as I suspected they would for their price range, the color more than made up for the less than smooth finish when the paint was dry.

I misted the paints with water before using them and let them sit a few minutes before picking up the paint with a water loaded brush. I was working on a Canson water color paper

The palette on the right was made when I added a small amount of paint to a water soaked page. You can see the color is much less vibrant and yet very dreamy. I am not disliking these paints at all. They will be perfect for quick trips to the park or beach when I don't want to worry about packing up my good set. What are you exploring in the studio right now? Happy Creating!