five things - my week at a glance


…because it feels good  

I always feel good when I do my Spring cleaning. I am a big Spring cleaner nut. I love the feel of starting over fresh with things tidy and organized and decluttered. I often find myself musing over the things that I have saved over the years and wondering why this would be the year that I could let it go. No matter the reasons, it feels good to straighten things up this time of year. It is like an internal clock goes off when the Spring arrives.


…because it is time to film  

I have a few things in the works that need to be filmed over here and so I am busy prepping a bigger area for those projects. I am huge stickler when it comes to lighting and this room has been calling to me for three years now. I was finally able to re-configure another area of my home so that I could use this lovely lighted space for all of my filming and photographing sessions. I had great light in the adjoining studio but only a very narrow table surface near the window to create, so this helps..


…because I am living this year  

I love exploring all of the areas around us when the kids are home on school breaks. Today we went to one of our top spots, Epcot. As a Florida Resident it pays to be a annual pass holder and we really take full advantage of all the pass has to offer. The Flower and Garden Festival is one of our all time favorites. Along with all the festival has to offer there is this small but fabulous aquarium to wander through. We loved all of these seahorses the most.


…because I love my word  

I chose the word THRIVE this year. I actually chose the word for one month last year during The Documented Life Project and loved it. The word has prompted me to focus on how I live my life and how I choose to do things now that make me happy in the moment. I want to live like that for the entire year. Honestly, I want to live like that for always. As I work on documenting my story through my word this year this quote says it all.


…because I heard a story  

I heard a story the other day. One of true and honest to God bravery and soul searching. Someone whom I admire and love deeply told me the story and it stuck with me. I am not entirely sure why but I just can’t shake her story. In it, she shared a tiny bit of artistic knowledge that resonated with me somewhere inside and so that came out in the form of this micro painting today. Art can be and is so healing- if only we give it the chance to show us that it can be.