stitched wood art

When I had all my embroidery floss out to make these cute little altered pencil cups I decided to use up some of the other tid-bits from my stash. I have had these little wood slices forever. I thought they would be so sweet with some color on them but I just didn't have the time right now to paint them all.

Instead I drilled tiny holes in them and added assorted stitches using some colorful cotton embroidery floss. I love how these turned out and think I might mount them on some nice heavy weight paper and give them out as special keepsake cards.

* I used a 1/16" drill bit, similar to this one, that fits in a power drill to create the holes *

After I stitched my pieces I knotted and clipped the threads short on the backside of the wood. Have fun if you try this, but use caution when drilling on such small pieces of wood and always wear protective eyewear.