right now - 3 things that matter

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Today I am taking the time to stop and remember that the simplest things in life are often the most important things.

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Painting seems to be the way I am working things out these days. I love my art journals. I love my notebooks. But painting sets my heart free in a way other creative outlets do not. I have learned a few things about myself and painting. I like to work big. I like to walk away. A lot. I like to cover things up. I like to make a million marks, and then I like to make a million more. And I know that all of those things I do for a painting are what calm me and allow me to put my brain in neutral for a short time. I don't think I make masterpieces. I don't care if I ever do. I just want to feel good...and painting my way does that for me these days. 

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Believing in this guy is top on my list. He has done so much, accomplished so much, to get where he is today. I know I am all the things a mother can be for him right now- proud, happy, worried, excited. And he tells me he is glad I am proud and happy. He tells me that I should worry less and that I should be even more excited for all that is yet to come. But what he really needs, what he really wants, is for me to believe in him. And I do. I know he going places, I know he has a firm grip on his world. I believe in his dream, I believe in his abilities and I believe he is happy. This is the best gift I can give him right now.

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I made a note to myself today to make art that makes me happy.  When we make art that makes us happy we are making a difference. When we share art or even teach art, we are reaching people in a way that matters to the heart. I have learned this first hand over the last few years. Sharing even the tiniest of ideas or words can ignite the best in people. It can encourage them, motivate them, make them believe they can create the way they have always wanted to create. Having a community that allows you to share with and inspire one another is what sets the art world apart. Every day I hear from people on how art has changed their lives. I know this and I believe it because it has changed mine as well. So make a note to make art that makes you happy.