altered pencil cup

I love anything that is adorned with French Knots. They add so much daintiness to any project and they are super simple to create. When I spied these little pencil cups at my local dollar store I knew that they would be perfect for a project like this.  

pencil cup_2.jpg

1. Bring your needle up through first hole from inside the cup. Make sure that the end of your thread is knotted so that is doesn't slip through the hole as your begin your stitch.

2. Hold thread taut with your other hand and wrap the thread around the tip of your needle two or more times. The more times you wrap, the larger your finished knot. 

3.  Gently begin to pull the thread, still holding it taut, so that the wrapped threads begin to tighten into a knot. Insert your needle in the next hole. 

When I first started creating these stitches I found this wonderful video. It was very easy to understand and shows, in more detail, the simplicity of creating these lovely knots. You can find lots of other video resources for creating French Knots on the internet too, just use keywords FRENCH KNOTS.

Have fun with this little project and as always, Happy Creating!