five things - my week at a glance


…because it’s the best   

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, but I just can’t help myself. Printing is so darn fun and I admit, slightly addictive. If I pull out all of my assorted sizes and shapes of the printing plates and get started playing with pattern and color and design well I just can’t stop. I literally surround and bury myself in prints and it is the most awesome colorful feeling to look around and see all of those pages. 


…because well it’s fun  

So by work I mean the fun kind of work. The get painty, inky, share your favorite stuff kind of work. I have been so busy behind the scenes over here with this big project and I just can’t wait to share it with you all later this year. Writing a book has been one of the most interesting and challenging things I have ever done. Timing is everything and working around a big, busy, chaotic, family has made it a crazy fun ride.


…because he is worth it

 I can’t believe this guy is really almost ready to leave the nest. Eighteen years have flown by and now he is wrapping up his Senior year and planning his new college experience that will begin soon. He has worked so hard and achieved so much and his high reaching goals amaze and excite me. We have some exciting weeks ahead of us and while a piece of my heart will be missing when he leaves I know he is headed for great things.


…because she’s changing  

This little peanut changes every single day. She gets smarter and braver and more curious. She never stops wondering how things work or asking why things are the way they are. She is artistic and funny and loud and grumpy. She is chatters to me all day long and will follow me anywhere. I can’t believe I ever had a life before her.  I can’t imagine a day without her in my shadow.


…because I just have too  

I can only take the disorganization of twenty different projects going on for so long. I get in the these deep intense states of creativity and I hardly notice the chaos around me. And then I find myself winding down, the projects falling into place, the fury subsiding and suddenly I realize that I have working in the midst of a cyclone and I just have to stop and set things straight. And then the beautiful chaos can begin again.