Jump into Summer Creativity

I was so honored to participate as an artist in Creative JumpStart (CJS) 2017, which is hosted by Nathalie Kalbach. If you're not familiar with CJS, it's a one-of-a-kind online event to kick your creativity into high gear. If affords you the opportunity to learn techniques, discover new materials, and connect with other artists and crafters. 

Don't worry if you missed singing up in January because with the Summer Sale you will still get 27 downloadable videos from 27 featured artists. I'm proud to be one of those artists, called “JumpStarters.” See for yourself:

Head on over to Nathalie's site to SIGN UP & FOR MORE DETAILSLET'S GET CREATIVE TOGETHER! SIGN UP HERE . If you are thinking about signing up, you'd make my day by using my link as I will receive a portion of any sales made through that link.  Thank you so much for your kind consideration!