15 minutes of mixed media©

This week I concentrated on just getting this exercise done. I felt as if I was struggling to find the time and so when I finally sat down I felt rushed and unbalanced. I grabbed a "text book" journal to help jumpstart the lesson, but found I reached for two colors I don't usually start with and had a hard time bouncing back from that less than "happy" start.  In the end, if it wasn't my favorite journal page, it was a whole and completed exercise. Just what I set out to do- a lesson in ART AND MAKING TIME to create. 

As a side note I add this. Even though I had a rocky start, I am confident that pushing through an entire lesson while you hear yourself saying UGH the entire time is important. I stand by my notion that if we don't struggle we don't make much progress moving forward. I try to embrace the "less than perfect" and turn it into a "what did I learn from this" instead. So keep going - don't turn the page or tear it out before you really give it a try. I promise you will learn something from the simple act of finishing.

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