junk mail is happy mail

I am pretty thrifty, so I am always looking for ways to recycle and reuse things around the house. With Happy Mail being all the craze right now I thought it would be great to use up some that Junk Mail that I always find stuffed in my post box.

(For more awesome ideas on creating mail art, check out CREATE IT•MAIL IT•ALTER IT, an awesome Art to the 5th Workshop)

Step 1 - Grab your supplies. This project is an easy one that requires you use whatever you have on hand. Start with some Junk Mail (those giant post card style ads works great). I also used some paint, paint pens, watercolors, pens, pencils, collage paper, stencils and a stamp.

Step 2 - Paint your junk mail. I only paint one side. Add one or more colors, brushing or swiping it on and then let dry.

Step 3 - Add collage papers to your Junk Mail. I like to tear large pieces and glue them on, layering them as I go.

Step 4 - Add more paint over your collage papers. This is a good time to use your favorite stencils. If you are adding multiple layers of paint with stencils, be sure to let each layer dry completely before moving on.

Step 5 - Add some collaged shapes now. I like to cut flowers out of my under paper and add them right over the top of my stenciled layers.

Step 6 - Next, add some doodle marks around the edges of your collaged shapes to make them stand out. I also like to doodle around the edges of my Junk Mail.

Step 7 - Add some color to your collaged shapes. I like to use watercolors for this step. You can use inks, acrylics or colored pencils even! I continue to add more marks with each new layer.

Step 8 - Once my watercolors are dry I like to add lots and lots of little white marks. These are my favorite and really make your piece come to life. I also like to add some pops of bright color to my Junk Mail using paint pens.

Step 9 -  Once your Junk Mail is completely dry, flip it over. Cut a piece of paper to fit and adhere it. I like to stitch mine in place. Trim any edges that don't line up. You could also adhere it using a glue stick or gel medium.

I love it when I can repurpose something - give it new life. And don't forget - this is just the tip of the iceberg. Join us in the studio for CREATE IT•MAIL IT•ALTER IT and take Mail Art to a whole new level! 

SUPPLIES I USED IN THIS MINI TUTORIAL: Junk Mail, Collage & Book Papers, Paint Colors- Light Yellow, Paynes Grey, Ocean Green, Olive Green, Orange Twist, Mossy Green, White, and Hot Pink, Glue Stick, Assorted Stencils, Hand Carved Stamp, Watercolors, White Gel Pen, Stabilo Marks All, Sharpie Mean Streak, Ink Joy Pens, Paint Pens, Tul Permanent Marker, Water Brush, Copic Marker, and Staz On Ink.