tutorials: plastic fused notebook

Today I have another tutorial for you using the same simple steps we used to make THIS PRETTY PLASTIC FUSED CANVAS AND COLLAGE PIECES.

If you had fun making your PLASTIC CANVAS COLLAGE PIECES I think you will enjoy making the easy pocket notebook. JUST GO HERE TO MAKE A PLASTIC FUSED CANVAS. Once you have your  CANVAS hop back over here and follow a few more easy steps to create this pretty, recycled pocket notebook.

STEP ONE:  Trim your plastic canvas to the desired size and shape, using your paper pad as a template. Be sure to allow for a half inch seam allowance around the edges of your paper pad. Stitch all the way around the edges of your canvas a few times with pretty thread. I added some zig zag stitching at the last minute too!


STEP TWO:  Grab some notebook paper or a small tablet- a sticky note pad works great. If you are using note book paper you will need to trim it to size, allowing for folding to create a signature.

STEP THREE:  Stack your trimmed paper, creating a signature. Fold in half and score. Now stitch down the score line with pretty thread. ( If you are using a ready made tablet you can skip this step! )

STEP FOUR: Once your signature is stitched, position it slightly off center on the wrong side of your PLASTIC FUSED CANVAS. Check that both sides will fold in toward center of notebook, overlapping. If positioned correctly, open to middle of signature and restitch down the center. Double back for added strength.

STEP FIVE:  Fold in your notebook flaps and mark both sides where you will need to punch a hole for your ribbon tie and button.

STEP SIX: Attach your ribbon and knot. Add a button or bauble on second flap. Fold & Wrap!

What a pretty little notebook to pull out of your bag for all those LITTLE NOTES AND LISTS. And the best part? It is recycled!