two posts behind (and being okay with it)

Recently I had the opportunity to gather with friends and do nothing but chat, create, laugh and eat. I had a million things to do which equaled a million reasons I shouldn't go, but I went anyway.

I knew taking this short trip away from home would push me even further behind. I have to be honest. I have looked forward too, and counted the days until, this retreat for a long time. It was overdue. And yet I wavered. I thought I NEEDED to be home to care for and watch over the big family that relies on me day and night be keep them safe and fed and organized- they vowed they could do it without me. Of course they could. They were probably looking forward to it. 

I NEEDED to stay on my stool in the studio and get my blog posts done. If I went I would be two posts behind and counting. Two posts that my sweet, if small, faithful readership counted on. Two posts that are loved and looked forward too, as so many tell me. How could I pick up and go and have nothing planned, no draft ready, no explanation for my absence. And then it hit me. This is LIFE Rae. If you can not pick up and leave a BLOG POST for a day or two then you need more than an art retreat to get you back on track.

As the day neared for departure, family came first, pushing her many demands my way until I no longer had even 15 MINUTES to spare, no time to notate TEN THINGS, and it was okay. I went anyway. I packed a bag full of art stuff and I went. And I laughed and ate and made art and thoroughly enjoyed my time with friends, giving no thought to those two blog posts that sat un-drafted on my desk at home.

I had three days to dwell I on what I hadn't accomplished, but I didn't. I put it all aside and took care of me. I came home Sunday afternoon refreshed and happy. I hugged my family and enjoyed getting reacquainted with what counts. My LIFE. And guess what? The world didn't end while I was gone. I found I still had a full inbox, still had laundry piling up, and I still had a readership. Next week I will do my posts and I will feel organized and good about it... or I won't. And it will be okay. 

The Documented Life Project - Week 38

Welcome to week 38 of The Documented Life Project !

September 13 - Draw, paint, doodle, sketch or incorporate a real feather onto your page.

I liked this challenge for the simplicity of what it asked for. Just a feather. I love feathers. They are my favorite. I chose to opt out of a tip in this week and just applied a good coat of gesso to my moleskine page using a brush. To add a bit of color I sprinkled on a some purple and green ink and then moved the gesso around, using an old gift card, swirling the inks in the process. I scribbled a note in it using the and old paint brush end and left it to dry. 

While my gesso was drying I grabbed a funky feather from my stash and a few scraps of painty fabric. I layered them all together and stitched them up on the machine. I added a journaled word with my favorite black pen and and used two sided tape to adhere my fabric stack to page. Last, I spattered a little gray paint on the page and let it dry. I love how simple, but pretty this page is. I hope you guys have fun with this week! 

This week's supplies: Paintbrush, Stabilo Marks All in Graphite, pilot multiball, painted fabric scraps, a green feather similar to this one, pink thread, my sewing machine,  gesso, Dylusions inks in purplegreen and pinkwater brushes, gray paint, two sided tape, and this vintage ruler washi tape

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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Upcycled Cards in 5/10/15

The other day I needed a few quick thank you cards. I had a handful of plain notecards on hand, and wanted to spruce them up a bit, but only had a half hour to get them ready. I made a 5 minute card, a 10 minute card and a 15 minute card! 

I started with a few plain notecards and a handful of supplies in my stash- like, stickers, collage paper, washi tape  stamps, pens and paint.


This card was for a child, so I wanted it to look funky and somewhat juvenile. I left the background of the notecard plain and added some collage paper using a glue stick for the giant letter T and the word YOU. I grabbed some old sticker letters, similar to these,  for the rest of the word THANK and stacked them on top of one another. I doodled around the the border and added some arrow shapes using colorful Sharpie markers. FIVE MINUTES.


For this card I taped off an abstract shape with washi tape and filled in the center and right hand border with a light coat of orange acrylic paint. While that was drying I added some scallops to the top and bottom using paint pens. I used a heat embosser to quickly dry the remaining paint and then doodled marks and a bit of journaling with a white gel pen. I glued a funny fortune to the middle with a glue stick and added a hand carved arrow stamp. TEN MINUTES.


I began by journaling all over this notecard with a Sharpie marker. Next I gave it a thin coat of pink and yellow paint using an old gift card to swipe it on. I dried it for a few seconds with the heat embosser. Next I added a painted deli paper flower using a glue stick. I sketched a messy outline using a Stabilo Pencil and added a bit more color using Dylusions Inks in water brushes. I dried it with the heat embosser again and layered on a small amount of gesso using my finger, spreading it around in a painterly style. Once again I dried it with the embosser. Lastly, I added lots of marks with paint pens. I love the layered look of this one. FIFTEEN MINUTES.

 I would always allow myself more than fifteen minutes for a really nice card, but in a pinch these will do. 


15 minutes of mixed media

This week I was really pressed for time. My layout shows it, but that's okay because I did it. I wanted to skip it because it would have been easier to do just that, but instead I grabbed a few supplies and made it work. The REAL lesson each week is to just DO IT. To just create something. When I first imposed this challenge on myself I didn't stipulate that I had to like the end result, or even finish it. I just had to create something. I will probably add to this page later. Layer it up. But for the time being, I managed my time and made some art. 

I began with an easy background, something you can prepare ahead. A combination of gesso and a little ink. Just brush on a good coat of gesso, drip on a few drops of your favorite ink and smear together using a scraper or old gift card. Let dry completely. You will be ready to use this as a background later on! 

Supplies Used This Week: Paintbrush,  Dina Wakley acrylic paint in Magenta, Umber & Tangerine, Stabilo Marks All in Graphite, Sharpie Meanstreak, paint pens in Neons, and Basics, and these in brights, a glue stick, scissor, sketched and painted deli paperblack ink joy pen, pilot multiball, staz on ink, hand carved stamp I made here, gesso, Dylusions inks in purple, green and pink, water brushes.

So just set the timer and go for it!  ENJOY!

The Documented Life Project - Week 37

Welcome to week 37 of The Documented Life Project !

September 6 - Use a white pen prominently on your page.

I liked this challenge because this white pen is my favorite pen ever. I started with a Gelli Print tip in as my background. I have been enjoying using white pen over softer colors lately. It seems as if in the past I only opted to write over dark colors. The affect over the lighter tones, though, is really pretty. I love it.

I carried the white pen over to my calendar page, just for fun and added some striped washi tape too! I like it. I wonder what next week will hold for us? 

This week's supplies: Gelli PrintWhite Pen, and this washi tape. 

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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Please join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™

sketchbook peek

Mixing some colors using this little set of watercolors.

These flowers were drawn using a Sharpie pen before filling them in with color.


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