15 Minutes of Mixed Media™

This week I limited myself to a few supplies like I often do. The page wasn't flowing and I felt like I was moving slower than usual. I guess some days the creative juices take a bit longer to get flowing and with the timer ticking it proves to be a bit harder...especially because I work best when I can come and go from a project. 

I like to keep in mind that these are creative exercises. These are not meant to be complete or finished art journal pages. These pages are meant to be lessons in making time for art, practicing new techniques, experimenting with color, new products, ideas...these pages are springboards to the creativity that comes from just starting. That is why I rarely come back to these pages. If I finished them I couldn't look back at them and be reminded of the exercise in learning. Yes, learning. Always and forever learning. 

So just start. And set the timer. And then put your brush down and walk away when it sounds. And most importantly, start again the next day. You will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself and your own style. Happy Creating! 

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pretty patterned tape notebook

I love to find ways to incorporate everyday supplies into creative projects, so when I stumbled upon this patterned tape I knew I had to take it back to the studio. I thought it would be fun to use it to transform a plain notebook into something pretty. Today I am sharing the simple tutorial!

1. Gather your supplies. I used a tiny composition notebook, patterned "duct" style tape, a ruler, a pretty button, hand dyed ribbon and a little silver charm. 

2. First, cut your ribbon to a length that will allow you to wrap it around your book and loop it around your button. Stitch, staple or glue your ribbon to the inside middle edge of your front cover. 

3.  Next, lay your book open, paper side down. Measure across and trim tape, adding a smidge extra to allow give in the spine. Begin adhering the tape to your cover. I lined my tape up to the top and side edges and trimmed the corners last. Repeat until cover is completely taped.

4. Now stitch or adhere a button to the center edge of the front cover.

5. Wrap your ribbon around the book and loop the tail around the button and secure. Add a charm to ribbon tail and knot. 

This is an easy craft to do with the kiddos! Have fun and Happy Creating! 

* You can trim your tape so that your patterns line up. My cover was so busy I didn't worry about doing that this time.*


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The unPlanner™ - Week 6 Sneak Peek

Welcome to February! My unPlanner™ is really beginning to look and feel just as I had envisioned and I am in love with the bold color and yummy chunky feel of the book! Here are a few peeks for the week!

Join us in the Art 5 Academy this year for creative year of unPlanning™. Loaded with content, free downloads, tutorials, community, closed FB group and more- this year is going to be our best yet! I can't wait to share lots of inspiration with you each week. You can find my peeks here, on my blog, and the full post with links and supplies in the Art 5 Classroom! I can't wait to see what you all create!

Valentine Tags

I love having a little something for the kids to share with their teachers or co-workers at the holidays. These little Valentine tags were so quick and easy! Using a small tag as the base, I just picked a few odds ands ends from my stash and layered them up to create this cute card! 

I love digging through the studio bins to find little tid bits that have been long since forgotten, leftover from past years' projects...it is a great way to clear out for the next best thing to come! 

Happy Creating! 

weaving & altered textiles

Weaving is my one true love when it comes to "downtime" crafts. Aside from being that "thing" that calms me it is a landing place for all of those altered and dyed textiles that I love to create and collect. 


I have been hand dying anything I can get my hands on for years and have grown to love stripping found fabrics into yarn lately. Together, with all of the beautiful store bought yarns out there, these make the most interesting, if not conventional weavings. 



For me, weaving is like a tactile, symmetrical version of art journaling. I reach for what catches my eye, paying little or no attention to the rules, and am always surprised with the results. 

5 things - my week at a glance


...because marks make me smile  

I have grown extra fond of mark making over the years. I am sure those of you that have been reading along for awhile have seen these small marks become more and more prevalent in my work, and with good reason. Sure, mark making adds interest to a piece, texture when used with contrasting colors, and even a quirky sense of style, but the real reason I turn to marks is simple. Counting them as I go calms my heart. 


...because it keeps my hands busy  

I am one of those restless beings that can't just sit and watch a movie on the couch. I have to be busy...the complete stillness opening up my subconscious mind to a whirlwind of questions and ideas. I need those quiet moments, as we all do, to reenergize. Having a simple task, like crocheting, requires little concentration, but just enough to keep my brain silent for awhile. It is what I like to call a  quiet hobby and it really lets me unwind.


...because I am seeing progress  

More importantly than seeing progress in this, I am finding that I am no longer terrified to start. I don't pick up a paint brush and feel paralyzed with fear before I even start. I don't shut down when it's hard. These were true issues I had with painting faces. I have learned a few things along the way too. I am more comfortable working with a brush than a pencil. I feel less stress when I use any range of colors rather than sticking with realistic colors.


...because they are great springboards  

I love when I open my art journal and there is already a splash of color or a page full of marks or I find it is filled with words. These simple pages, often just the result of cleaning inky brushes, testing new lettering skills or trying out a favorite color combination, are great springboards for getting into the art journaling groove. Sometimes a quick jumpstart to creativity is all we need to feel inspired.


...because this was a year of hard work  

I was ready to toss my 2015 agenda when a quick flip through revealed that ALOT of hard work and planning went into this past year. I don't think I have every worked harder, creatively, and these pages showed that effort. Combined with that daily labor of love was the regular stuff that is LIFE each week - school events, appointments, calls, lists, doodles, and more. I simply could not throw this thing away.

The unPlanner™ - Week 5 Sneak Peek

Welcome to week five sneak peek of The unPlanner™. I just can't believe that we are five weeks into the New Year already. I hope you are all having fun and enjoying the inspiration!

I continue to document my favorite moments throughout the week in this unIQUE and colorful book. I am having so much fun gathering, building and incorporating all of my artsy goodies in an awesome unPLANNING™ sort of way! 

Join us in the Art 5 Academy this year for creative year of unPlanning™. Loaded with content, free downloads, tutorials, community, closed FB group and more- this year is going to be our best yet! I can't wait to share lots of inspiration with you each week. You can find my peeks here, on my blog, and the full post with links and supplies in the Art 5 Classroom! I can't wait to see what you all create!

painted tape notebook spine

painted tape 2.jpg

You might remember the little altered notebook video tutorial I did a while ago. I loved the tiny grid paper that made up the paper signatures. Because it was a favorite it went everywhere with me and this week I began to notice the front cover was splitting away from the spine. With so many lovely pages left I couldn't imagine tossing it and decided to repair it instead. 

It was so simple. I just grabbed some white  book binding tape and a few favorite supplies.

I trimmed the tape to the height of my notebook spine and  laid the piece on a glass mat. I added some colorful marks using paint pens and solid paint pens. When those marks dried I added thin layers of paint and quickly pulled away some of the paint to reveal the color beneath. Once dry I cut the tap in half, lengthwise, and adhered it to the spine of my notebook and scribbled the edges.

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Now it is reinforced and ready to travel with me once again!