rubber art goodness

I am excited to share a few more beautiful pieces of artwork created by our talented design team for my new stamps NATURAL ELEMENTS. You can pick these up in Paperbag Studios here! I am amazed to see how each artists uses the same stamps in so many different ways! 

Artist: Tabea Becker

Artist: Kristin Peterson

Please be sure to stop by each of these talented designers blogs! You won't be disappointed! 

The Documented Life Project - Week 48

Welcome to week 48 of The Documented Life Project !

November 22 - Depict Gratitude in a Creative Way.

I am very grateful for so many things in my life. If I were to make a list of sorts it would fill this chunky book of mine, and seems that every single thing I am TRULY grateful for, the things I could not go on without, always lead back to one basic need, one true love. Family. I thank the Lord every day for the gift of my precious family. I would be nothing without them. My life, meaningless. My world empty. 

We are not perfect. We are so far from perfect that most might look and in and say "you are grateful for that?" But for all our chaotic craziness we are bound so tight. We are knitted through and through with something that connects us in a way that allows for gross oversights in each others flaws. We are an every day family who cringes at each others mistakes and weeps at our accomplishments. We go to bat for each other, when no on else on this earth would, and so I am most grateful for each of their less than perfect selves.

It was fun to create this week's layout more like a scrapbook page. This day is a memory worth reflecting on. And while half of us are missing from this photo, and only I know what day these silly shoes represent, it was a good one. One worth remembering. One certainly that reflects the depth of my gratitude for this big crew of mine. PLUS I got to work with my brand new stamps that were released earlier this week! NATURAL ELEMENTS! Check them out and pick them up at Paperbag Studios HERE

This week's supplies: Paintbrush, Photo from Social Print Studio, Martha Steward paint in Beach Glass, Apple Barrel paint in  White Gloss,   Acrylic Block similar to this one, my new! NATURAL ELEMENTS STAMPS , Black Ink Pad, Dylusions ink in Bubblegum Pink, Pure Sunshine, and Lemon Zest, gift card, pencil, UHU Glue Stick, gold tissue paper, Tissue Wrap, Green Gold Paint, napkin, Basic Grey Sticker tape similar to these, Dina Wakley paint in Night, Liquitex Ink in Naphthol Crimson, Sharpie Paint Pen in Orange, White Gel Pen, Pilot Multiball, and Polka Dot Washi Tape

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine BellRoben-MarieSandi Keene and Barbara Moore

face practice

...and a few more.

1. acrylic paint 2. #2 pencil over ghost print 3. black marks all over alcohol ink 4. oil pastels, acrylic, white out tape runner & graphite

Still plugging away at this. I don't worry so much about them looking like "real faces." That is just not where I am yet. I enjoy this exercise much more when I can just draw something funky that has more of a personality behind it. 

Art messes make me happy

Do you ever look around at your studio or workspace and see more than a mess? I see things I love. Beauty in the inky, painty, and messy tools of our little trade.

1. I love inky fabric. Like many artists, I use inexpensive fabric as a mop cloth and paint brush rag. After a several days in the studio I have some wonderfully colorful fabric that I can incorporate into other projects. Folded stacks of these remnants sit on shelves in my studio and I can't help but love each and every one of them.

2. My brayer also gets painty and yummy looking, and while I can't use this in other projects it makes me happy to see it juicy and colorful and well loved. A hard working tool that has earned it's right to be a beautiful mess.

3. My paint scrapers get used a lot too. Probably more than any other tool I own and so they  always end up with rainbow layers of paint coating them. I have a very special project planned for some of these!

4. Stencils are another tool that become beautifully painterly the more often I reach for them. There are many times that I go to use one of these and dread adding yet another layer to what looks so luscious already. Homemade stencils, like this one, are easy to replace and so when I find I have one that looks just so I set it aside and recreate a new one. You never know when you might want to use these beauties in another project just the way they are.

5. Paintbrushes get painty every day and because we have to clean them their pretty patina comes and goes. Without them, though, we wouldn't have that yummy fabric mentioned above! 

6. Colorfully stained hands are my second favorite. These tell a story all their own. Mostly they mean long productive days in the studio doing what I love most. I always smile when I finally cup these remnants of the day under running water. They are sign that I made time to do what I love- make beautiful messes. 

Art makes me happy. Even the messes. 

15 minutes of mixed media©

This week I gave myself the liberty of starting with a beautiful inky background. To be honest I could have left it just like this. It was simple and colorful and I just loved it, but that wasn't the exercise and so I kept going. 

Giving yourself even the simplest of backgrounds before beginning these lessons can be a huge springboard for creativity, and it helps you get a head start on the clock. Two helpful steps if you are not feeling the artsy mojo flowing.

The point is, keep going. Sometimes you will revisit your journal and add to these lesson pages, but they will be proof that you gave yourself permission to create. Every. Single. Day.

Supplies Used This Week: a glue stick, scissors, water brusheswhite gel pen, pencil, paintbrush, Palette Knife, old gift card or scraper, ink pen,  white gloss paint, paint pens in purple, navy, orange, and tealbrown ink pad, ephemera scraps, Dina Wakley acrylic paints in sky, magenta, and  nightacrylic blockcollage papersstabilo marks all, Golden Paints in Fluorescent Pink, Diarylide Yellow and Quinacridone Red, and my new stamp set, NATURAL ELEMENTS !

So just set the timer and go for it!  ENJOY!

The Documented Life Project - Week 47

Welcome to week 47 of The Documented Life Project !

November 15 - Attach a Map or your State or the World. Document something about that map.

I call the Sunshine State home. It is hot and humid and very sunny. We have no real sense of seasons, but miles and miles of beautiful beaches. I have lived here 42 of my 47 and half years, with the exception of a year or two here and there where we moved out of state for career related reasons. It is a lovely place to live if you are a beach lover. We are. 

There was a day earlier this year when I didn't want to share where I was on the map. My family and I moved in January of this year, and even though it was just miles away, leaving my home of over ten years was NOT in my life plan. I looked around, and believe me when I say, it was written nowhere. Moving is sad. No matter how much notice you have, how much planning you do, it still feels unexpected and when the day finally came, it was heart wrenching. But here we are. And you know what? God is good. This year has been one filled with lots of unexpected hurdles but we are still a family that is blessed to be together. 

We have found expected joys in our new place down the road. We have found new ways to shed light on our situation and have grown to be comfortable in our little dot on this big map. It might not have been our first choice to move, to be where we are, but God knew we would find happiness here. 

This week's supplies: Paintbrush,  Stabilo Marks All, Apple Barrel paint in China Blue and White Gloss,  Acrylic Block similar to this one, Dylusions ink in Pure Sunshine, old book paper, gift card, pencil, UHU Glue Stick, one of my hand carved stamps (THESE WILL BE RELEASED SOON! YAY!), Black Ink Pad, Sharpie Paint Pen in Pink, Dina Wakley Paint in Lemon, Pilot Multiball, Water Brush, Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium, Date Stamp, Tissue Tape, and Art Journal Paper.

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine BellRoben-MarieSandi Keene and Barbara Moore

face practice

...and a few more.

1. black marks all, pencil & watercolor 2. black marks all & acrylic over ghost print 3. graphite marks all & acrylic 4. black marks all, pencil, lipstick & white out tape runner over gelli print

I continue to practice. Is it easy yet? Hek no. Will it ever be? Doesn't feel like it. I will keep trying. 


15 minutes of mixed media©

I started a new journal this week! Double YAY for filling another one up! Like with many of my "new" journals, I use some of their blank pages as a place for testing out stencils and new ink and paint colors. This was one of those test pages. Makes for a great starting background! 

I liked the little bit of white space that I was able to salvage on this layout. I purposefully left the added collage pieces disjointed this week. It was how I was feeling and so it seemed right. For using so few supplies this week I am happy with the end result! 

Supplies Used This Week: a glue stick, scissors, water brusheswhite gel pen, heat embosser similar to this one, pencil, paintbrush, Palette Knife, old gift card or scraperpilot multi ballwhite gloss paint, paint pens in pink, orange, teal and fluorescent pink, brown ink pad, book paper, acrylic paints in umber and nightacrylic block, magazine scraps, collage papers, hand cut stencil, stabilo marks all, white gel pen and my new stamp set COMING SOON! 

So just set the timer and go for it!  ENJOY!