halloween tag book

Every year I try to make a few non-traditional Halloween cards that I can share with family and friends. You can see the Halloween tag card I made this year here and a few of the  past years cards here and here. This year I wanted to make a little "mini art journal cards" to pass out and thought you might enjoy making some too, so I am sharing the process here today. They are so easy and cute! 

1. Gather a fun assortment of collage papers that remind you of fall. You will also need an oversized tag for the cover. My tag measures approximately 8.5 x 4.25. Fold your tag in half.
2. Tear larger papers into small pieces and then fold them all in half. I like some of my pages to overhang the edges of my cover so I left some a bit larger than my folded tag cover.

3. Stack them into little folded signatures.
4. Place your stack of pages into your folded tag cover. Tear edges of any that block the tag's "reinforced hole." 
5. Open up the entire stack and stitch it down the middle. Staples would work as well if your pages are not too thick.
6. Open up to the front cover of your journal and add a stitched design to the cover.

7. Line the front cover "reinforced hole" with the back cover and mark a point. Punch a hole in back cover so it will line up with the hole on the front cover.
8. Add an oversized brad to the hole on the front cover of your mini journal.

9. Gather some fun ribbons and yarns to use for your closure. I used a mixture of natural colored raffia, black and white bakers twine and off white silk ribbon.

10. Slip knot your collection of ribbons through the hole on the back cover of your mini journal.
11. Wrap one or more ribbons around the brad on front cover to secure.

These are so cute and simple on their own. I am loving the soft organic feel an colors. Now the recipient can doodle or paint on the cover and pages of their little mini art journal. I thought it would be fun to make some more and dress them up with a bit more too! I added some fabric tape to the spine and stitched some pretty ribbons to the cover.

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the unPlanner™ - week 43 sneak peek

This is my favorite time of the month when it comes to working in my unPlanner™. I love sorting through all the tid bits I have collected over the weeks and adding them in in their own special way! It's not too late to jump in! 

Want to join us in Documenting Your Life in an unConventional way this year? You can read more about our project HERE.

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Lorraine is enjoying her sabbatical. We wish her a happy Summer!

Play Doh™ Marbles

These little faux marbles happened by accident and I just love them. Pretty pops of color in the studio to brighten things up!

Whenever the peanuts around here create with Play Doh™ there is always a great mess of teeny tiny bits left over after we clean up. We have been fashioning these bits into swirly smooth spheres, setting them aside to harden. Because these are not baked, their durability is probably not the best, meaning, I won't try to drill them and turn them into beads or anything like that...but what I will do is fill this bowl up and enjoy their happy color for now!

five things - my week at glance


…because (gulp) I am writing a book

I am still having a hard time saying those very words out loud. I have been so super busy trying to reorganize my agenda (aka life) in order to make time for such a huge undertaking. Creating time for all the everyday stuff has been a bit of a juggling act, but I am proud to say I am still on track with all of my other deadlines and commitments. Using my time wisely is key and I am learning that every single minutes counts these days. Every. Single. Minute. 


…because I love it so much

I love experimenting with color and stencils on the printing plate. About ninety percent of the time I begin with two complimentary colors and a good bit of white. I have found that using white gloss paint helps give the print a nice sheen, much like when using acrylic glazing fluid. And then I begin to layer like hek. Over and over again, all the while using using stencils and masks in conjunction with the plate to get pretty images just like this one!


…because I am teaching again

I am getting ready to head back up to Longwood, Florida to teach this fun and colorful workshop, where we will spend the day working on all sorts of exciting techniques. At the close of the day, we will leave with an amazing art journal that has been dipped, dyed and graffitied to our hearts content. I can't wait to be in the company of old friends again soon. I will be working on the online version of this class later this year so stay tuned!


…because I needed a break

Sometimes, even when we are in over our heads with work, up to our necks in deadlines and swimming in things to do we just need a little down time to work on something just for ourselves. A hobby, a craft,  an escape from the norm. I love to crochet and usually turn to it when I need to unwind, so when I came across this class I knew I had to join in.  I am having the best time and am so glad I carved out some time to learn. This is first thing I made and LOVE it! 


…because time is flying

It is hard to believe this guy will be leaving the nest and heading for college this fall, off to be the doctor he has always dreamed of being. Only yesterday he was on my knee... I swear it was just yesterday. He is, always has been, so dedicated and driven, on a mission to accomplish his long time goals and I know he will succeed. To the core, it is who he is. Yet, even when he is taking a break, something drives him to stay the course and stay true to his heart.

the unPlanner™ - week 42 sneak peek

We are quickly winding our way through October and I am in love with all that I am seeing in the way of the prompts and challenges. I think that these lists have truly helped shape how I achieve my goals this year. So very helpful AND colorful to boot! 

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Lorraine is enjoying her sabbatical. We wish her a happy Summer!

15 Minutes of Mixed Media™

I am happy to finally be sharing another exercise in making time for art today! While I have been creating non-stop behind the scenes lately, it is all in the name of a few really big deal kinda projects that I am working on right now. I promise I will be back with lots more 15 Minutes of Mixed Media™ videos soon! 

I am staying true to the exercise and only using a handful of supplies. Most days I don't pre-choose them, just grab what I can reach, but sometimes, like today, I selected a few favorite things and set them at my workstation. This way I am not tempted to use more than what I have in front of me...and this week I started with a mostly black mono printed background.

I am working in a recycled journal that I made from discarded pieces of cardboard and found and collected papers. I really love the size. It is just over 5 x 7 inches which  makes it great for working on this short art exercise. Enjoy the video and thank you for being patient with me as I work hard to bring you more and more inspiring mixed media art projects! 

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another up-cycled placemat clutch

I love all the budget friendly placemats you can find out there these days, especially for turning them into super quick and easy bags! I make these all the time and use them for everything from the kids lunches to art supplies to a one of kind bag for that special outfit.

Most of the ones I pick up are coated on the reverse side which makes them fantastic for holding art tools, or a wet bathing suit. No matter where you are headed you have a handy bag meet your needs.


You could easily add an interior pocket before stitching up the sides or a pretty crocheted strap even. Have fun with this one. Happy Creating!

The unPlanner - week 41 sneak peek

I know October is all about fall colors, but these brighter ones were calling my name this week. I am all about meeting my goals this month and documenting in my unPlanner™ is keeping me honest and faithful to the project AND my intentions.

Want to join us in Documenting Your Life in an unConventional way this year? You can read more about our project HERE.

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Lorraine is enjoying her sabbatical. We wish her a happy Summer!