planner pages peek

One of my favorite parts of The Documented Life Project is the working on my planner pages each week. These can be artistic and creative, but deeply personal, so I don't always share, but here are a few peeks at some more recent pages.

I hope you are all enjoying this Documented journey with us. I so love seeing all that you are creating on FB and IG. You guys are ALL amazing! 


15 Minutes of Mixed Media

This is not a busy or complicated page, but it is pretty and tells a story. I like it. I hope you have fun this week! 

I started this week's challenge with a blank page. This is always harder for me and I usually give myself some sort of background as a springboard, but today I was feeling a bit brave. I also limited myself on supplies today - no collage pieces, and just 4 paint colors. Despite limiting myself I like how the page turned out. It actually flowed pretty quickly and much more smoothly than I anticipated. 

Now that I look at it, It is pretty plain Jane for me, but you know what? Sometimes that is just how I feel!

Enjoy the process!

This week's supplies used: Uni-ball Signo White Gel PenWater Brush, Old Gift Card & Paint brushes, Neon Paint PensPilot Multiball, Craft paint in Fluorescent Pink, Orange, China Blue  and Lime TreeSharpie Mean Streak, Sharpie Marker in Aqua, Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen in Blue, Pencil, Tul Permanent Marker, watercolors, pastel crayons similar to these.

The Documented Life Project - Week 35

Welcome to week 35 of The Documented Life Project !

August 23 - Draw, Sketch, Paint, Doodle a Face or Cut and Alter from a Magazine.

Just so you know what I really wanted to do for this challenge was ANYTHING but sketch a face. I even gathered the supplies to create a face using another medium, and then I stopped myself. I am forever saying I want to learn to draw. I want to grow as an artist when it comes to sketching, and so I chose to sketch my face.

I took the very little bit that I know about drawing a face and just did it. I didn't think about it, fret over it or take my time. I just quickly and roughly sketched out a girl and left it at that. I have admired many a face done by hundreds of artists and I alway seem to gravitate to the ones that  are less than "perfect." I like the rough look, unfinished look the best and so I left mine at that stage as well.

Because I had a story to tell about this girl, I journaled all around her. She is raw and unfinished and lovely, like the woman I fashioned her after, so  I think I will keep her.

This week's supplies: Paintbrush,  Dina Wakley acrylic paint in Magenta, a sketching pencil, Golden Fluid Acrylics in Pyrolle Orange and Diarylide Yellow, Stabilo Marks All in Graphite, Green and White and this washi tape

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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My chunky Planner

The Documented Life Project is something I work on each week and so it has become quite the stuffed book! I am loving it though and researching some ways I might take it apart to allow room for it to grow as the rest of the year progresses...

...but for now I will just admire how much I love the look and feel of this big chunky planner! 

15 Minutes of Mixed Media

This week I started my challenge with a "waste page." This is a page where I started something and didn't like where it was going and moved on. I don't like to leave these pages in my journal and I won't rip anything out, so this exercise is a great way to cover all that stuff up. The page consisted of a bold blue border (what the hek? I don't even like blue most of the time?) and some punchinella stencil circles using Dylusiosns spray ink.

This is another week where I wasn't completely in my comfort zone. Mostly because of working on a back ground that I didn't love, but that's okay. It helps me branch out and try new things. I don't love this layout, but I can live with it. I used up a page rather than rip it out and that is a good thing in my book.

Enjoy the process!

This week's supplies used: Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen, Stabilo Marks All in BlueWater Brush, Old Gift Card & Paint brushes, Non-Stick Scissors, Uhu Glue Stick, Dylusions Inks in Bubblegum Pink, London Blue, Lemon Zest and Fresh LimeNeon Paint PensPilot Multiball, Sharpie Brush Tip, Golden Fluid Acrylic in Ultramarine, Punchanella, Craft paint in Fuchsia and Neon Purple, Hand Cut Stencils, Deli Paper, Tear Drop Stencil, White Paint, Red Paint Pen, Sharpie Mean Streak.