The Documented Life Project - Week 44

Welcome to week 44 of The Documented Life Project !

October 25 - Incorporate Leaves - real, drawn or painted onto your page in a creative way.

This week I was able to collect a few cool leaves on our family nature walk! I opted to use some as stencils and masks with the Gelli Plate and another I painted and sealed before adding it to my page using washi tape.

I began with a mixed media grade paper and added several layers of paint with the gelli plate and some of my collected flora.

I used another leaf as a mask on my plate. When finished, I set it aside to let the residual paint dry. Once dry I sealed the entire leaf with an acrylic spray sealer. 

I added journaling to my Gelli Print using a pencil and a few snippets of old book print. "...for a long time in the middle of the morning, the wind was rushing." A little ink and some smeared white paint added a little texture. Before the paint could dry, I scribbled in it with a scraper allowing some of the bottom layers and colors to shine through. 

Not your traditional fall colors, but I love it all the same!

This week's supplies: Paintbrush,  Stabilo Marks All, and Martha Steward paints in Beach GlassPink DahliaGranny Smith, Geranium, and Scottish Highlands, Apple Barrel paint in English Ivy Green and White Gloss,  3 x 5 inch Gelli Plate, Mini Brayer, Acrylic Block similar to this one, Black Script washi tape, orange marbled washi tape, Clear acrylic spray sealer, Dylusions ink in After Midnight, old book paper, gift card, pencil, UHU Glue Stick, a hand carved stamp and assorted collected leaves. 

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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face practice

The first few faces...

1. Acrylics, Sketch Pencil, Oil pastels & Collage Paper 2. Acrylics & #2 Pencil over Gelli Print

...this is a difficult for me. When I discovered my art pals were doing a face a day challenge this month I joined in, BEHIND the scenes. I wasn't sharing. I wasn't posting. I didn't, don't, love my faces as a rule. When my friend, who happens to draw awesome faces, found out, she really encouraged me to share. She reminded me that this wasn't about what people think about my work. And it sure as hek wasn't about people liking my work. This was about me growing as an artist. She was right. It is taking great courage to share my faces, but I AM learning along the way.

1. Gelli Print on Paper Towel. 2. Sketch Pencil 3. #2 Pencil 4. Oil Pastels on Kraft paper 5. Oil Pastels on Book Paper 6. #2 Pencil & Watercolors 7. Acrylics, Stabilo & Sketch Pencil on Kraft paper 8. Stabilo on Watercolor

Join me in France

Okay - so maybe this is just me in my Studio, but I wish I was in France! That is where I will be a guest at Processus Creatif today! Please join me as I answer lots of artsy questions and share the inside scoop about myself as an artist. 

Head over to the Zorrotte's inspirational blog, processuscreatif, to read the interview. Just click on the translate button above Zorrotte's photo!  Don't forget to check out some of her other posts! This girl is really talented! You won't be sorry!  



Sometimes the best things happen by accident. I was playing around with inks the other day for another project I am working on when I discovered I had too much ink on one piece of collage paper. I tipped it over to tamp it off on another piece of paper and LOVED the imprint it left...and so a new technique was born.

The deli paper I used this week was one I had doodled on previously. I love how it adds marks to the page in a quick way. I keep these on hand for when I want to add doodling but don't have lots of time. I hope you  have fun with this week's exercise. It is one of my most recent favorites! 

You can see where I hand cut some stencils like the ones I used today, here. Some exciting news coming soon on the Hand Carved Stamps! Stay tuned for that! 

Supplies Used This Week: Dina Wakley paints in Ruby, White, Lemon, Lime, Magenta and Turquoise, Paint pens in the Basics,  a glue stick, scissor, Dylusions ink in lemon zest, fresh lime, bubblegum pink, calypso blue, funky fuchsia, and pure sunshinewater brusheswhite gel pen, heat embosser similar to this one, pencil, paintbrush, stabilo marks all, Jet Black ink pad, Hand-Carved Stamps, Hand-Cut Stencils, Palette Knife, old gift card or scraper, book paper, deli paper, gelli prints, and a Sharpie Meanstreak.

So just set the timer and go for it!  ENJOY!

The Documented Life Project - Week 43

Welcome to Week 43 of The Documented Life Project !

October 18 - Sketch what you see right now. 

This week I was sitting on my stool and looked up to see this little tag hanging on my inspiration board. It was meant to be finished at a later date, but I decided to sketch it just as I saw it at that moment. 

I began with a watercolor paper tip in that was partially covered with a big sticker and some journaling. It seemed likely I would fill in with watercolors, so I added a bit more in the form of drips and marks and filled in my journaling with color too. I was so tempted to keep going but felt white space was called for so as not to lose the "sketch" somewhere in the process!

This week's supplies: Paintbrush, Watercolor Box SetWatercolor Paper, Washi Tape similar to this one, a good sketch pencil,  and a Stabilo Marks All.

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine BellRoben-MarieSandi Keene and Barbara Moore

art journal peek

Doodling over a Gelli Print.

When I am working on projects that involve using the Gelli Plate, I often times clean the plate by stamping it in my art journal. I love the random odd marks I get from layering these prints. This layout was created using nothing but a Gelli Print and lots of doodling. Funky and fun! 

Supplies used for this : Gelli Plate, Black pen, Black marker

15 minutes of mixed media

This week was another lesson in keeping it semi monochromatic. I am not sure what has led me to create that way these past few weeks. Pink makes me happy? No matter the reason it continues to be difficult for me, and so I keep trying.

 I do like the way the floral tissue paper added some cool dimension to the page with it's bits of black popping through the paint though. And of course all the white scribbled journaling and dots help diffuse some of that color. 

It is okay to keep working at something. Especially if it is hard. Especially if you don't love it. Especially if you want to move forward and have success with that technique. I hope that you take each week's lesson and really try something new. I would love to hear that these challenges are helping you grow as an artist. I know they are helping me. 

Supplies Used This Week:  Round Paintbrush, paint pens in Basics, a glue stickwhite gel pen,  white gloss paint, heat embosser similar to this one, pencil, Simply Simmons Paintbrush, Golden Paint in Green Gold,Yellow,and OrangeCollage Papers, XyronBrown Stabilo Marker, Sharpie Meanstreak, Oil Pastels similar to these, old gift card, and a hand cut stencil. 

So just set the timer and go for it!  ENJOY!