five things i love right now

Does anyone else out there makes lists of the things they love?

I do. I am always making wish lists and lists of things I have collected and lists of things I hope to do or learn or see. This little post is a peek into my five favorite things each month. Sometimes it might a be cool new product or book I found, other times it might just be a favorite tool I am using. I might even share a favorite idea or recipe or craft. Let me know if you have any new loves lately too! 


I love this yummy variegated yarn.

It is chunky and wooly and super colorful. It is really making my latest weaving pop. The small fibers in it really add a lot of texture too. The colors are super bold and true to the photo so that made me really happy when it arrived. I couldn't wait to use it. This yarn is little pricier than the synthetic monochromatic yarns out there, but it was well worth it.  I will definitely try some of the other Colorwul colors as well. 

2. THE MERMAIDS SISTER - Carol Ann Noble

I love this new book.

It is sweet and charming and a good clean read. I love that the author chose to use a form of childhood fantasy and stuck with it. I was skeptical and then I was impressed. It is proving to be one of those books that gets me into trouble because I can't seem to bring myself to put it down. Plus, I love a book I can recommend without worry.  Really good. 


I love this salvaged word. 

Colleen is this amazing artist and I found we have much in common. She creates these awesome words from salvaged materials. Thanks goes to Ali Edwards for pointing us in her direction. I ordered my word for the year from her in two sizes and can't wait to add the large one to a big painting of some sort. I will tuck the small one into my OLW Album. 


I love this portable phone charger.

Especially if I am taking a lot of photographs. You just plug it into your phone using your phone cord and it will give you a full charge fairly quickly. It is small and pretty lightweight too. It also came with it's own cord to charge it via the wall. Our family was at Disney recently and we all were running low on battery power so we took turns using it until we each had a partial charge.  Very cool. 


I love this purple paint.

That is saying a lot because I am not a big fan of purple. I knew, though, that if it was made by Golden I would probably love it and I did. These colors mix so easily that I am sure I can tone it down if I have trouble working it into my color palette. I need to step out of my comfort zone though so I hope I find a way to incorporate this color into some of my upcoming art work. Still. It is hard to work with colors you rarely use. 

artful container cozies

I love containers. Any kind of container.

I salvage and collect a lot of recycled containers. My go to favorites are tin and aluminum cans. They are perfect for holding art supplies. Sometimes I like to change them up a bit and so with Spring arriving early here I decided to make some pretty numbered cozies to wrap around them.

art container cozie 5.jpg

I love these because no matter how large your can is, your cozie will still look pretty. Just tie the ribbon ends into a bow! I can't wait to make more of these! 

For the Love of Family. setting art aside today

Sometime we try so hard and we STILL can't find enough hours in the day. So if you are wondering why there is no 15 Minutes of Mixed Media© this week it is because I wanted to devote every single moment to my sweet girl. She has worked so very hard to get where she is and I am proud of her dedication and determination. Today is she gets on stage again. This time as one of the youngest. She competed with huge amounts of talent to be in this chair and we can't wait hear her pour her heart into it. So this week is about you Sophie - and about the love of family. It just comes first.