ten things


1. Happy to stumble across these words. I stamped them and cut them out long ago. Probably for a project of some sort. I am not sure why I didn't use them or what became of the project, but the words have followed me around the studio for a long time. They are a great reminder of all the good things that can come from believing in art and yourself.


2. Feeling so lucky that I was able to teach such a fun art journaling workshop to so many sweet women this past weekend. Not only did we create awesome art journals together, we had the opportunity to talk and visit all afternoon. It was a pleasure getting some face time with each and every one of these amazing ladies! Thank you all for a wonderful time! 


3. Testing out some new paint brushes. I never buy super expensive ones, at least not for the everyday stuff. I am not very kind to my brushes. I know I shouldn't admit this, but sadly, it is the truth. I walk away and leave them in water for way too long for one thing. Recently I replaced a few of the worst and I am liking them so far!


4. Blessed to sit and listen to her play. Day after day there are new reasons to practice longer, practice harder. There are days she just wants to skip it, I can tell, but she stays motivated and focused and keeps her little self playing. She auditioned for an All County Seat again and happily earned one. Just one of her many accomplishments so far this year.


5. Painting up some dowels so I can hang some new wall art. I love my little  imperfect weavings. My collection is slowly growing and hangs like a colorful garden on my stairwell wall. Seeing all that yummy color and texture makes me happy. I like to tape off sections of the dowel and paint around them. Then I come back and fill in the taped areas with more color. The result is a beautiful striped bar. I love them.  


6. Playing around my some bright colors and that abstract feel. I make no claim to what abstract art should be, but I am enjoying getting messy and making art that is full of basic shapes and bold, wide open spaces of color. It is new to me and that makes it all the more fun. I am learning to think less and just do it. It is just fun to try new things. 


7. Thinking this little peanut enjoyed her first day at the fair! Her little senses were on overload. She was amazed at all the lights once the sun started to go down and those little legs of hers never stopped moving. Everything made her squeal with delight. Something I have seen or done a thousand times is pure and new to her. Her expressions are priceless right now.


8. Enjoying the weather this past week. Warm enough to have the doors and windows open but not that dreadful heat that will be upon us soon. Even the few days that brought rain were sweet in their own way, greening up everything in sight and helping dozens of blooms opens on my azalea bushes. Spring is definitely in the air and I think I am ready for it.


9. Learning that layers make me happy. During the month of February, The Documented Life Project encouraged us to layer layer layer. I couldn't be happier in art journaling than when I am working with lots of layers. You can see a video process for this layout here. Read more about the project here


10. Playing around with hand carved stamps. I made this one while working on Doodle & Carve with my fellow artist Sandi. I love using it for journaling. I like the way the skinny lines of the pen contrast with the thick lines of the stamp. It is a fun way to get some words down on paper! If you haven't tried carving yet, you will be hooked! 

for the love of layers

 I consider any addition to my journal page a "layer." I am not sure how others define it, when it comes to their art, but for me the entire process of adding to a piece is a layering effect. I love to watch the page build upon itself, until finishing with a colorful, texturized art page. This week I am sharing a quick video on my stop and start process. Watch as I build layers on the fly and then give me a high five if you love layering!

Here are some of the layers I used in this week's challenge. I consider them my "go-to" building blocks when I am creating an art journal page. My five favorites and worth repeating. 

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 28
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a  High Five



Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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just a few seats left in juxtaposed journal


I am so excited to be teaching locally this weekend and there are just a few seats left! I am looking forward to the chance to meet some of you and make art together! If you would like to join me in creating a really cool reconstructed journal like this one, then hop over HERE and read all the details on how to sign up! 


15 minutes of mixed media©

What did I tell you? I gave myself permission to create and take photos, but here I am with a video anyway! This week I have been playing around with some really fast, not really thinking about it, abstract stuff. Oh, and practicing a few sketches with my non-dominant  hand. Believe it or not, it is easier for me than trying with my "real" hand. 

I grabbed a very few supplies this week, focusing more on creating chunks of color that I could layer up together. Once I made the decision to let my face float on the page, I was able to get past grounding it and move onto making all those marks that I love so much.