My chunky Planner

The Documented Life Project is something I work on each week and so it has become quite the stuffed book! I am loving it though and researching some ways I might take it apart to allow room for it to grow as the rest of the year progresses...

...but for now I will just admire how much I love the look and feel of this big chunky planner! 

15 Minutes of Mixed Media

This week I started my challenge with a "waste page." This is a page where I started something and didn't like where it was going and moved on. I don't like to leave these pages in my journal and I won't rip anything out, so this exercise is a great way to cover all that stuff up. The page consisted of a bold blue border (what the hek? I don't even like blue most of the time?) and some punchinella stencil circles using Dylusiosns spray ink.

This is another week where I wasn't completely in my comfort zone. Mostly because of working on a back ground that I didn't love, but that's okay. It helps me branch out and try new things. I don't love this layout, but I can live with it. I used up a page rather than rip it out and that is a good thing in my book.

Enjoy the process!

This week's supplies used: Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen, Stabilo Marks All in BlueWater Brush, Old Gift Card & Paint brushes, Non-Stick Scissors, Uhu Glue Stick, Dylusions Inks in Bubblegum Pink, London Blue, Lemon Zest and Fresh LimeNeon Paint PensPilot Multiball, Sharpie Brush Tip, Golden Fluid Acrylic in Ultramarine, Punchanella, Craft paint in Fuchsia and Neon Purple, Hand Cut Stencils, Deli Paper, Tear Drop Stencil, White Paint, Red Paint Pen, Sharpie Mean Streak. 

The Documented Life Project - Week 34

Welcome to week 34 of The Documented Life Project !

August 16 - Fill the Page with Numbers that relate to your week. (i.e., 4 trips to the grocery store)

Since numbers are one of my favorite thing ever this was a fun challenge for me. I kept it simple though, because, well because, with school starting there just isn't enough time for everything anymore. I had huge imaginations of making this a really awesome and beautiful challenge page, but then I realized, THIS is my life. Fast paced, crazy, spontaneous, super busy and chaotic. And so I just filled in as I went, and it's okay. In my head it was a lot prettier!

For my tip in this week I used a Gelli Print I had in my stash. I liked it for the color, but the glazing that I used in the Gelli Plate process made it a bit tricker to write on. Some of my go to pens just didn't want to write on this - that has never happened before. Something to note. Then I just started adding numerals as I went. Some were stickers, some were stamps on collage papers, some were die cuts, some were hand written (yuk, but I left them, so yay for me!) and one was even a piece of a measuring tape. I added a few simple details to each number added and lots of white marks with my favorite pen ever

I added some doodled flowers and some paint pen marks too. I will continue to add more numbers throughout the week and fill this page up - graffiti style! 

This week's supplies: Uniball Signo White Gel Pen,  Art Journal Paper, Gelli Print Paper,  Old Gift Card, Paintbrush, and a UHU glue stick, Dina Wakley acrylic paints in SkyTangerine and Magenta,  Pilot Multiballtwo sided tape, a pencil, Paint Pens, Tul Permanent Marker, Gelli Plate,  Tim Holtz Measuring Tape, Golden Glazing Liquid, Number Stickers and tiny letter stickers similar to these.

Enjoy this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create!

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favorite art journal page

A lot of times I leaf through my old art journals for inspiration. Here is a peek at one of my favorites. 

Sometimes I will have one of those "aha" moments while leafing through these filled up and older journals. One of those moments where you say, "Why did I stop using those elements? I really like how that looks."

In this spread I used some old scrapbook stuff from my stash and didn't cover up some less than loved hand written journaling. Note to self. Leave it alone. Don't be so discouraged or hard on yourself that you forget that you might look at this later and like it. Just leave it and come back later and THEN decided if you want to add a layer or two. 

Enjoy creating!


This week I will admit. I was rushing through this exercise, and by that I mean I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't feeling it- AT ALL. Somedays are like that . I love the colors and the flowers, but am not so sure about that black ink I added at the end. I was brave last week and went dark. Maybe a little bit of that showed through this week too.

I talked a little last week about stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel like I have done that again this week, but in a little bit different way. I typically only gather a handful of supplies to use during this exercise. It limits me, but that has been part of the challenge since Day 1. I think this week I threw myself for a loop with ALL those supplies piled up around me. I'll be honest with you, I had just completed another project and it was much easier to just keep working with what was out than to clean up and start over. Next week I think I will surround myself with just a few things again.

Enjoy the process!

This week's supplies used: Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen, Stabilo Marks All in BlackWater Brush, Old Gift Card & Paint brushes, Non-Stick Scissors,  Pencil, Uhu Glue Stick, Dylusions Inks in Black MarbleNeon Paint Pens, Daler Rowney Acrylic Paints in Deep Yellow, Titanium White, Phthalo Green, Leaf Green, Scarlet, Magenta, Yellow Ochre & Brilliant Red, book paper, Paint Pen in Blue and Violet, Pilot Multiball, Black Ink Pen, Sharpie Brush Tip, Chicken Wire Stencil