five things - my week at a glance


…because I’m rebooting   

I have this thing I do when things get hectic. When I should be buckling down and crashing forward I take a few days off instead. It seems crazy, I know, but for me it works. I walk away and take those days and do things totally unrelated to “my to-do list.” Then, when I walk back into that studio I am refreshed and ready to get on my stool and get to work again. I may have lost a few days in the process but it works for me. So today I am rebooting.


…because it makes me happy  

There is lots of creating going on over here lately, lots of busy work and deadlines and so sometimes it is nice to just sit down and make colorful art in my journal for no  reason at all. I am having fun working in my Juxtaposed Journal this week. I love having pages that are a springboard for creating happy colorful art! There is so much joy to be found in just letting go, taking time to just go and make some art for yourself once in a awhile. 


…because simple & happy are key  

When I look around the studio, my home, my LIFE, I notice that I have been shifting for a long time now. Shifting toward a simpler, happier. I am finding joy in the little things, and letting go of all the things don’t matter. In the past I have been guilty of letting fear rule me and I continue to concentrate on all the light and joy and that I can find. Whether it is a simple object or a special person I am keeping it simple & happy. 


…because our teachers rock  

With the official start of Summer just a week away I am feeling especially grateful for  our wonderful teachers. They ROCK! Of course they deserved a little treat…and who doesn’t like a colorfully embellished chocolate bar? And while this was something I could hand to them as a token of my, our, appreciation, it doesn’t even begin to touch on how appreciative we are of their hard work and dedication to our children’s education.


…because she melts my heart  

This little girl just continues to make me swoon. She is funny and witty and stubborn and creative and all around a joy to be around. She takes her role of princess very seriously, so that means no matter what we are doing, including viewing play doh art videos, we must be carrying our magic wand. I mean, can you blame me for wanting to spend every waking moment in the company of such a royal peanut?

Let's Create This Summer

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The unPlanner™ - Week 22 Sneak Peek

How can this be the end of May already? Summer is just upon us and with it will come the hustle and bustle of summertime activities. I can't wait to wrap this month up and get busy preparing for the chaos that is our gloriously busy Summer! Enjoy the peeks!

The Documented Life Project with Rae Missigman

I hope you will join us in Documenting Your Life in an unConventional way this year! 

Don't forget to check out Sandi's peeks too! And  I would like to wish Lorraine all the best this summer and moving forward as she begins her sabbatical!

colorful Paper journal tutorial

I have been so busy with end of the year business and lots of activities at the schools so I haven't shared a free 15 Minutes of Mixed Media™ for a few weeks. Because I know you love the videos, I thought I would share this free tutorial that I created for  Stampington & Company! I encourage you to use your 15 Minutes of Mixed Media™ techniques on this one! 

So happy to be sharing another project with Stampington & Company. They will be hosting this video tutorial as well as a full step out list with easy written instructions & supplies used. Be sure to visit their "studio" as it is jam packed with lots of great inspiration.

Click the button below to see the 15 Minutes of Mixed Media™  Video Archives

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Artadori Peek

I am so excited for Artadori-! Specifically designed to be an intimate workshop with just a few seats, but loads of creativity and fun...oh and yummy food and a mini field trip too! I have had requests to add a few seats, so click here to join in the fun

If you'd like to read all about this upcoming workshop that I will be hosting in Central Florida, you can do so HERE. Want to sign up? You can do that HERE! And don't forget- if you attend this live workshop you will receive lifetime access to the online version when it launches later this summer!

Enjoy the peeks! 

The unPlanner™ - Week 21 Sneak Peek

Here we are in the third week of May already. I am feeling excited that the official start of Summer (around here anyway) will begin in just a few more weeks when the kids finish up another year of school. We have a lot on our agendas for this Summer and I can't wait to document every bit of it! Enjoy the peeks this week! 

I hope you will join us in Documenting Your Life in an unConventional way this year! 

Don't forget to check out Sandi & Lorraine's peeks too! 

a peek inside my juxtaposed journal™

Remember when I talked about my JUXTAPOSED JOURNAL™ workshop? Here are a few peeks inside my very own journal. 

Five Things - My Week at a Glance



…because it saves lots of space

I love my Inktense© Blocks so much and I really liked that they were packaged in a protective tin when I purchased them. But it was big and a bit warped from the shipping process. I have been whittling down my blocks with so much use, so a smaller container made sense. I am using this oversized gift card tin that I recycled at the Holidays and love it! It is even compact enough to pop into my travel art bag! 


…because I am in love with this project

The Documented Life Project™ has such a fun, colorful and interactive format this year that I really look forward to the time I spend working in it this year. I love that I am actually documenting while creating art at the same time! There is so much busyness in our lives around here and this journal allows me to collect bits of the chaos we call LIFE and document it in the chunkiest, yummiest book I have made in a long time! 


…because they are so awesome 

These bags are so awesome! I had some made online and love how big and well made they are. I was really surprised! And they even have little pockets on the inside. I thought this quirky faced, blue haired girl that I made in THIS CLASS taught by Julie Fan Fei Balzar (and where I also teach) made for a bright and colorful fabric. These just begged to be new art bags and so they are. If you want one you can them out here


…because she amazes me

 I love seeing her perform. She stands so tall at these moments. She morphs into this serious little human who can transform her instrument into this beautiful sound that mesmerizes me. And then I enter the venue to find her helping the little ones. Both kind and smart, she plays the role of mentor well and the kids love her. She seems so grown on these days. Not at all like the little girl with buns that first picked up the violin 5 years ago. 


…because there’s lots to do here

 A few years ago I would I have had a complete panic attack at the site of my very own calendar, filled to overflowing for the foreseeable future. And then something happened and I woke up one day unafraid of it all. I am finding great rhythm in my days, working my projects and deadlines in around all the things that matter more- like FAMILY. I am happy with my time in the studio and happier still with the way I make time to create every single day.