The unPlanner™ - week 39 sneak peek

Good Bye September ! Where did the weeks go? Luckily I have my trusty unPlanner™ to leaf through in the future. I love this beautiful and unOrthodox way of documenting my year long journey and can't wait see how many volumes I end up. Will it be three or four? Only time will tell. 

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Lorraine is enjoying her sabbatical. We wish her a happy Summer!

five things - my week at a glance


…because the colors make me swoon

Crocheting is always a great craft for me to do when I need to wind down, destress or just not think at all too much. I love the calming repetition and enjoy seeing how quickly a project can spring to life once you get into a groove and start speeding along. While I was on a conference call the other day I started to play with this piece of ribbon and my crochet hook and suddenly I had this juicy and colorful chain of yumminess!


…because I do whatever she asks of me

When she grabs my cheeks between her little palms and asks me to “chalk trees” I do it.  I melt into a puddle of mush every time she opens her tiny lips. So when I should be folding laundry or cleaning the studio I just “chalk” trees instead. She is specific in her requests and generous with her praise. I love that she scrutinizes our drawings, side by side, and sees something she loves in both of them. It is why I smile as I get little else done.


…because we live an ocean apart

I was so tickled when I learned that a sweet art pal from The Documented Life Project™ was visiting stateside from Australia this month. When she asked me to mail a few things to her at her hotel I knew I had do one better than that…I had to go meet her. We know one another  “online” and it was such an honor to finally sit side by side and talk with her about art & travel! And while our visit was short it made me so happy to send her off with a hug.


…because my memories are worth it

Speaking of documenting, have you found as much joy in recording your memories as I have this year? Sure there are days, weeks even, where I am behind and overwhelmed and just plain not in the mood, but I always stay true to making a few notes, snapping a few photos, collecting a few tidbits from the week. There is always a day when I finally catch up  and I never regret it. My life is worth recording, no matter how simple it is and taking the time to record it matters to me.


…because I love new art stuff

Whenever I get some new art supplies I can hardly wait to get into the studio and start experimenting with them. There is so much fun and even random inspiration to be found in just playing. No worrying about getting it right or making something beautiful, just good old fashioned art time. For me, personally, I find that I love what I create under these circumstances so much more, my mind and hands free to just create and explore on their own.

The unPlanner™ - week 38 sneak peek

September is well under way and so are the challenges for this month. This week we have a great list and another fun art prompt. It is official. After September I will be in my third binder. I can't wait! 

Want to join us in Documenting Your Life in an unConventional way this year? You can read more about our project HERE.

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Lorraine is enjoying her sabbatical. We wish her a happy Summer!

five things - my week at a glance

five things 8.29-1.jpg


…because it makes me happy

Working in my journal on a daily basis is more than an exercise in art, it is a huge stress reliever for me. Even when my plate is full and my mind is whirling, time in the studio makes me happy. I find myself on my stool with a brush in my hand and a smile on my face. There is great solace in knowing that the simple task of making art can be both peaceful and good for my soul. Do you find happiness and calm in the process of making art?

five things 8.29-4.jpg


…because the little things matter  

When I take the time to really look around the studio, my home, and the other small spaces that make up my world, I notice the little things. I often reflect on how the simplest of surroundings have such a big impact on how I feel about my space. Whether it is color or texture or a favorite treasure, these tidbits, collectively, make up the bigger picture. They tell the story of who I am and what I love. 

five things 8.29-3.jpg


…because who knew I should be

 Nine times out of ten when it comes to learning a new hobby, task or craft, I am self taught. I do some light research and then just dig in. I am 100% a visual learner, so I spend less time googling or reading and more time practicing. When I taught myself to crochet I fell instantly in love with the humbling and calming task. Recently I stumbled upon the “rule” that one should roll their yarn before beginning. Who knew?

five things 8.29-5.jpg


…because I have big deadlines ahead  

Deadlines are always a bit intimidating, if not down right scary. I have some really big ones coming up and while I am honored to be creating under such conditions and excited about the new opportunities I am still adjusting to the fear factor of stepping out of my comfort zone. I do know this. I am truly enjoying the prep work and all the organizing and planning that comes with the territory.

five things 8.29-2.jpg


…because playing is good  

Sometimes all we need in a day is time to play. No agenda, no deadlines, no work, just good old fashioned play time. For me that means paint and my Gelli® Plate for sure. I love making mono prints so much and have tons of them stockpiled. More than I will ever need, but they provide me with endless hours of fun and a sense of wonder. They are so beautiful and never do I find myself creating the same thing twice. 

recycled fiber pins

When I stumbled across these funky "pins" of sorts in my dry cleaning order I was so happy. I love it when something interesting and recyclable finds it way into my studio. I knew I wanted to dress these up and use them in my journals and unPlanner™.

Here is what they looked like prior to wrapping them in an assortment of upcycled and hand dyed ribbons and yarns. 

I think I may add some baubles and beads to these too down the road. Do you save and recycled tidbits like these too? Happy creating!

The unplanner™ - Week 37 sneak peek

I am loving the challenges I see coming up this month and look forward to putting my best foot forward and working through them in a colorful and meaningful way. My unPlanner™ looks amazing and is so chunky already. I know I will need a third binder soon! eek! Can't wait to see your work again this week! 

Want to join us in Documenting Your Life in an unConventional way this year? You can read more about our project HERE.

Don't forget to check out Sandi's peeks too! 

Lorraine is enjoying her sabbatical. We wish her a happy Summer!

an inspirational video - wanderlust 2017

In case you missed my previous post, I shared all the juicy details about WANDERLUST 2017 HERE. I just wanted to come back and share this video with you because it is so inspiring! 

Wanderlust is whole year long journey - an online event offering you tons of inspiration that is shared via videos from 24 guest teachers and 2 resident teachers on a weekly basis (each one is full length, high quality and downloadable), access to the Wanderlust Community, with a supportive and friendly atmosphere, an exclusive whole year discount to leading art and craft retailers and more.

***Just a little note on how much I appreciate you and your readership and following. I work very hard to keep creating art and sharing the inspiration with you all and want to take the time to thank you. If you choose to join in on this creative journey I would love for you to use my artsy link as this is one small way I am compensated for all of my creative efforts. Thank You!***